Hawkeye vs Gluttony, Barry the Chopper chasing after his body, Jean finding out who Solaris really is, and Mustang vs Lust. Fuhrer King Bradley stays in the background.


Alas poor Lusty, we barely knew you. It seems that if you damage a homunculi enough they can be killed. While a Philosopher’s Stone is the heart of a homunculi, it does have one flaw. Over stress it, and the stone runs out of power.

Sounds easy enough, until you realise exactly how much damage one can take. Let us see, Lust was shot a few times by Mustang, blown up by a Hydrogen explosion, got her heart ripped out of her body, took twenty four bullets from Hawkeye and then burned to a crisp multiple times. She’s the Black Knight of the Fullmetal Alchemist universe.

I would also like to point out here exactly how bad ass one Colonel Roy Mustang is. Lust left both Havoc and himself for dead. Then, he picks himself up, carves a transmutation circle into his hand, cauterises his wound in his side, and finally goes to town on Lust. I definitely want him on my side.

Did you notice that Mustang risks everything twice to save his subordinate? I think that he has proved that he will do anything to help a certain one of those under him. Mind you, Hawkeye did lose it when she found out that Lust may have killed him. As mentioned before twenty four shots, and not of the normal precision variety. Hawkeye was emptying out her soul with her guns.

Al also impressed to with his determination in attempting to stop Lust. He feels that he has stood there too many times and watched others die, especially when he could have protected them. He’s had enough and is prepared to protect Hawkeye no matter the cost. I did laugh though when his arm fell off. Again.

One other thing, when Al first encountered Barry the Chopper he was left questioning his own existence, but after seeing Barry’s body he has other queries. Will his suit of armour one day reject his soul? And, what is happening to his body while it is at the gate.


Quick Hits:

  • Black Hayate to the rescue. Buying enough time for Mustang to send Gluttony flying.
  • Hawkeye is no damsel in distress, and berates the Colonel for exposing himself. Ultimately, she thanks him though.
  • When Al joins them, Team Mustang realise that Homunculi are real.
  • Barry’s body has gone to the third laboratory. The military are definitely involved.
  • Havoc is surprised when he realises that his latest girlfriend, Solaris, is actually Lust. The good news is, he likes women with large breasts. The bad news is, he never saw the tattoo.
  • I forgot to mention that Mustang got soaked, which is a bit of a bummer.
  • Havoc’s lighter was a gift from an ex-girlfriend. I think he has plenty of those. Ex-girlfriends, not lighters.
  • Bradley arrives at the third laboratory, but he doesn’t need any backup.
  • I’m glad Lust forgot rule number one of fighting. Never leave anyone for dead. They rarely die.
  • Barry the Chopper was always a little over confident, and Lust pulls him to pieces in record time. I think that his body rubbing out the blood seal was to end it’s pain. Goodbye Barry.
  • I know that he transmuted without a circle before, but there was something cool about Al creating his own pike. Less cool was Lust cutting it to pieces.
  • Talking of cool. Mustang saves the day. Again. And Al just put up that wall on instinct. He knew what was coming.
  • Cold and Focused eye, soon they will be wide in agony.
  • Bradley could have finished them off afterwards, but some reason he just walked away. Could it be something to do with them being candidates?
  • Winry isn’t impressed with the way Al looks when he gets back. He is so much like his older brother.


And Finally…

Ed is dropped back at Resembool by Armstrong and Breda. He goes to visit his mother’s grave, when he sees someone standing there. Hohenheim.