Ed is dragged off to Xerxes to meet an old friend. Back at Central, Mustang tries to lure out those behind everything.


Maria Ross is alive, and in hiding in the ruins of Xerxes. Ed is brought there so that he has physical proof that Mustang didn’t kill her. Not just because he would be sceptical of anything the Colonel said, but also to get him out of the way. For some unknown reason, Ed has a reputation for being hot headed, and Mustang doesn’t need that at the moment.

We also find out that Elizabeth is really Hawkeye. Mustang deliberately wanted Barry the Chopper to be spotted, as he knew that his opponents would want to tie up loose ends. It works, as Barry’s mindless body turns up, but unfortunately, so does Gluttony. Who seems to have the jump on everyone’s favourite markswoman.

Ling seems to have been brought into the plan as well, as he is the one that Ed and Winry about the faked death. In exchange for Al answering some questions about how he became what he is, Fu is taking Maria Ross to Xing. It wouldn’t be safe for her to remain in Amestris, so into exile she goes.

We also find out that both Alchemy and Alkahestry originate from Xerxes. By legend, Xerxes was destroyed in a single night, with the lone survivor going to Amestris/Xing, and then passing on the techniques. That’s a bit of a coincidence. Could it have been the same person?

In other historical news, we are told that the Ishvalan uprising was caused by the death of a single child. Winry’s parents saved the lives of many Ishvalans but was killed by Scar (He wasn’t named, but no one else has those tattoos). That’s going to make the next confrontation with Scar very personal for Ed.


Quick Hits:

  • Armstrong and Ed, do end up in Resembool, but no granny!
  • That half destroyed alchemic circle looks quite familiar doesn’t it.
  • The plan for saving Maria Ross came about because Barry told Mustang that she had shot him.
  • Ed decides that he can’t turn back, because of all of the support that Al and he have received. He will do everything in his power to ensure that no one else will get hurt.
  • There is probably a connection between the body and it’s soul. It doesn’t take long for Barry’s body to find the armoured version.
  • Of course Barry likes the idea of chopping up his own body. That’s our boy.


And Finally…

I’m fine with a topless Armstrong chasing after a still alive Ross. I’m beginning to think that it is a waste when he keeps his clothes on.