Maria Ross is being held for the murder of Maes Hughes. Barry the Chopper frees her from prison only to be taken out by Mustang. Armstrong decides that it is time for Ed to head home for some repairs.


Maria Ross is in trouble. There’s the fact that she requested a replacement bullet as she fired one, and more damningly, she was seen leaving the scene of the death just after it happened. The obvious solution would be to remind the military police as to what happened at the Fifth Laboratory. However, they now seem to be sceptical that anything actually happened there. It’s not as if there were any guards outside. Oh, I forget there was.

This looks and smells like a frame.

One of the advantages of writing this blog, is that I’m probably watching episodes more closely than I have before. There is no way that Mustang believes that his best friend was murdered by the second lieutenant. Remember, he has been spending quite a bit of time in Hughes’ office reading records recently, and more importantly he has debriefed Barry the Chopper.

This leads to an elaborate plan, where he first uses Barry to break Ross out of prison. He then manages to confront her and then blows her to smithereens using his alchemy. No one is going to investigate too hard as it was within the orders (kill if she resists), and he has gained revenge for his best friend’s murder.

The key here is when he tells Ed that orders need to be followed. This is then repeated by Armstrong later when he tells Ed that he is cannot put him down as he is following orders. With a number of key people suddenly having holiday plans, it is easy to say that something is afoot.

Whilst Envy is convinced that even though Ross’ murder wasn’t foreseen, that everything is going according to plan, Lust doesn’t think the same. Of the three main antagonistic homunculi, she’s the strategist. Hughes was killed to put Mustang in his place, and she knows that something isn’t quite right. On finding out that Barry the Chopper was involved, maybe it is time to put his mindless body in play.


Quick Hits:

  • I find it strange that being with her family isn’t admissible as an alibi. You could infer it to be untrue, but it is still a valid excuse.
  • Even Brosh’s corroborating evidence is being ignored by the military police. Even Armstrong realises that it is a cover up.
  • Ed asks for Winry’s advice about what they should do next. He’s never asked for her opinion before.
  • Winry is worried that the same thing will happen to Ed and Al as happened to her parents. She wants them to get their bodies back, but not at the cost of their lives.
  • Barry the Chopper is in a good mood, especially as someone is finally scared when his head falls off.
  • Ling has been freed as well, and is hanging with the previous 66. Falman is now just upset.
  • Is going to the East where there is a beautiful women code for something?
  • Elizabeth is on the phone with Mustang about going on a fishing trip together. Did I miss something, as I have no idea who Elizabeth is.


And Finally…

Armstrong is dragging Ed off to get some repairs back home. Do you think that anyone has noticed that his mechanic is currently in the next bedroom in Central?