The Elrics arrive back in Central and decide to visit Maes Hughes to share with him everything they have found out. Mustang settles in to his new surroundings.


Roy Mustang is starting to play a very dangerous game. Everything that he is looking into at the moment is putting him on a direct to the Homunculi. He’s making progress in his investigations into both the Fifth Laboratory and the death of his friend. He needs to be careful now, as even though the Homunculi arranged his transfer to Central, they’ll strike if they have to. They hope that by dangling an innocent Lt Ross, he can hopefully be distracted.

Ed and Al were always going to find out about Maes Hughes’ death. So, I’m a little bit surprised that the Colonel didn’t tell them himself, I understand his reason but it’s not that the brothers don’t know about death already. It’s left to a slightly confused Lt Ross to tell them what happened.

Of course, Ed was always going to blame himself for the death of the now Brigadier General. He places all the responsibility on his shoulders in his brother’s and his quest to get their bodies back. Al won’t be fobbed off anymore, and is willing to share the burden. They are together when they tell Gracia why her husband was killed.

Gracia knew her husband and understood him fully. He wasn’t perfect, but he would always do what he could for others. She explains to Winry and the brothers that he wouldn’t have any regrets, and that if they didn’t continue to move forward then her husband’s death would have been for nothing. She shows such mental strength in that moment.

It doesn’t mean that she didn’t break down when the others left. She’s emotionally spent, and each of the others are left to mourn in their own way. Each contemplates in their own way. Al sits alone in their room thinking, while Ed tries to continue without much enthusiasm. He does check in on Winry, and they have a conversation about apple pies.

This will take quite a bit of getting over.


Quick Hits:

  • Ling loses Lan Fan and Fou seconds after arriving in Central. Lan Fan is more worried about not being able to find their prince.
  • Ling is arrested as he has no entry visa. Good to see that Amestris has such a strong policy when it comes to illegal aliens.
  • The brothers unknowingly pass the phone box where Maes died. All little reminders.
  • Envy is wondering around command disguised as different officers, making her the perfect spy. When did she meet Havoc?
  • Nice to see Sheska back.
  • Armstrong is so tender hearted that he didn’t tell the boys. Riza thinks that Mustang was just cruel.
  • Alicia holding onto Winry’s legs and then Winry hugging her back are just heart breaking.


And Finally…

Good news, Jean Havoc has himself a girlfriend. Bad news, it’s Lust. Shame he doesn’t know anything.