Scar continues his vendetta against alchemists, and meets a small girl from Xing. Ed and Al are back in Rush Valley for some repairs to Ed’s arm when Al picks up a stray.


Scar is back to killing State Alchemists, after taking out the Silver Alchemist. He now has Yoki helping him (well as much as Yoki ever helps), who has helped a young girl he found at the side of the road. This is May Chang who has come from Xing in the east in search of something. Can you guess what it is?

I’m not even sure why Scar has Yoki with him, never mind taking on anyone else. Especially if that person is an alchemist. Yes, Alkahestry is more a medical science rather than being used by the military, and May isn’t a State Alchemist, but I didn’t think Scar wanted to be associated with it. Interestingly enough, May identifies his arm tattoos as being more Alkahestry based showing that his brother was studying both techniques.

Meanwhile in Central, Barry the Chopper makes a mistake in attempting to ambush Riza Hawkeye. He may have been impressed with her abilities with a gun, but she isn’t with him and captures the soul bound suit of armour. Mustang questions him, and we find out that all of the researchers were killed by the Homunculi. Did they get everything they needed for making Philosopher’s Stones.

Ed and Al get to meet the rather more annoying Ling Yao, and his bodyguards Lan Fan and Fu. Ling immediately gets off on the wrong foot with the elder Elric brother, demanding to know what they know about the Philosopher Stone. The brothers and bodyguards end up destroying half of Rush Valley in a fight which the brothers just about win. Fortunately, Al has both arms so can fix things, much to the resident’s relief.

It seems that the Xing succession have gotten themselves involved with chasing after the Philosopher’s Stone. Much fun is going to be had when they all arrive in Central.


Quick Hits:

  • Shame about the Silver Alchemist’s peg leg. That’s what he gets for showing off on one peg.
  • May Chang seems to have a crush on Ed. That may change when she meets him.
  • Poor Barry the Chopper, he tries to scare some woman, and all she does is shoots him. What is guy going to do?
  • So Amestris is at war in both the south and west. Thank god for Briggs, or else they would be fighting three wars. Things have only been more militaristic since Bradley took charge.
  • Lan Fan seems to get distracted when you mention Ling. Oh well.
  • Ling is a prince, and no one will respect him for it. I wonder why.
  • Ling says that he is going to stay with the brothers until he gets answers. You know that this isn’t going to go down well. Especially with one certain Colonel.


And Finally…

Now that Al can use Alchemy without the need of a transmutation circle, Ed has lost an advantage he always had. With Al being the better fighter, does this make him the better brother? Poor pipsqueak.