Fuhrer King Bradley, while in the South on an inspection, arrives in Dublith to help the Elric brothers who are still dealing with Greed. Al remembers seeing the Truth.


So, King Bradley is a homunculus (Wrath), with his eye patch covering up his ouroboros tattoo. This can’t be good for the people of Amestris. You have to give it to him though that at sixty years of age he still has got some moves. His swords are also really impressive as he takes Roa and Dolcetto out in a matter of seconds.

It is really suspicious though. How exactly did he know to find the Elrics so quickly? The order to kill all of the Chimeras was also a little strange, because wouldn’t questioning some been useful. Unless, Bradley is already fully aware of what is happening. I know he did the same trick before, but I was afraid for the boys when he asked if any knowledge was shared with Greed. Mind you, with that eye he probably knows when you lie.

Al has a difficult time of it, after he and Martel switched roles. She started by controlling Al by being inside his armour, but it ended up with him keeping her inside to try and save her from Bradley. It doesn’t work, as Bradley kills her while she is still inside Al. That is one mess that I wouldn’t have wanted to be around to clean up.

Martel is another that Al hasn’t been able to save. It isn’t as if they were friends, but Al is the type to take the responsibility seriously. However, it does open up his memories of seeing the truth. The bad news is that it doesn’t give him any further insights on how to get his body back. The question now is, can Al also use alchemy without the need for a transmutation circle?

We also get a first glimpse of the main antagonist, Father. The homunculi represent different parts of his soul, and in a rather gruesome way we see Greed being reabsorbed after he refuses to work for Father. While Lust, Gluttony, Envy and Wrath are there with their father, we find out that Sloth is out and about doing his thing. Doesn’t that leave one deadly sin? Where is Pride, or more importantly; Who is Pride?


Quick Hits:

  • Mustang has finally been transferred to Central. Note, the talking behind his back. Everyone knows that the Colonel is ambitious.
  • Of course the Armstrong statuary technique involves turning something into a statue of everyone’s favourite Major.
  • Of course to Greed he had neither friends or henchmen, but processions.
  • Would Martel’s blood affect anything with Al’s blood seal? Probably not, but Ed had to be careful when he cleaned his brother out.
  • Izumi is offered a job in the military by Bradley. Teacher, is nothing more than just a housewife.
  • Father and the Homunculi live underneath the main military complex in Central. Not really an issue considering who Wrath is.
  • Should I be concerned that Al and Izumi have joined the ranks of worthy candidates for human sacrifice?
  • I hope that Greed gets his final wish and gives Father a stomach ache.
  • Oh, and what is The Promised Day?


And Finally…

It isn’t just that Wrath can get old, but he also has a son. Selim, is infatuated with the Fullmetal Alchemist and wants just like him when he grows up.