Oliver finds out that Adrian is Prometheus, but cannot do anything about it as Adrian has kidnapped Susan. Felicity joins Helix.


Now that Oliver knows that Adrian is Prometheus (more on the how in a moment) it was good to see the intensity jump up. Adrian felt untouchable, and those scenes where Team Arrow were trying to intimidate him were majestic. It is so refreshing having the bad guy standing around and everyone not being able to do anything about it.

This adds to the idea that Oliver and his band of merry people are out of their depth. No matter what they did, Adrian was always “ten steps ahead” of them. Even the obvious shocker of Mrs Chase turning up and trying to talk her husband out of things was easily dealt with. Did anyone think that it was going to end with anything other than her getting killed?

It wasn’t as if Team Arrow played any of this smartly. The mother was certainly going to run, especially after confronting Oliver a couple of episodes ago. Visiting Adrian’s house was certainly a trap, and after finding out where Susan was, I thought they would have made sure Adrian was miles away before trying a rescue. Couldn’t they have found some way of tracking Prometheus.

Mind you, isn’t Adrian’s cover blown. All Susan has to say is that Adrian was the one who kidnapped her, you know the truth, and he’s either suspended or arrested. I appreciate that you could say that Oliver would then be left to die, but would Adrian really not escape considering that he is so close to his revenge.

We also get confirmation that Adrian isn’t planning on killing Oliver, but he intends to destroy the Mayor.  The plan was to get at Oliver through someone he loved, which of course lead to Oliver questioning why he has anyone around him. How many times do we have to play the Vulnerability vs Humanity argument?

This leads us to how Oliver found out Prometheus’ identity. As he recognized one of Adrian’s moves from an earlier fight it was time to look up an old teacher. It was good to see Talia in the present, and also to find out her surname. Adrian and Talia have both had their fathers killed by Oliver, and they both want revenge. The turn at the end where she was helping Adrian was unexpected, but I’m hoping that she is an ally rather than the end of level boss.

As for Felicity I, like Oliver, am a little worried for Technical Support. The more we find out about Helix, the more I’m concerned for what it is that they are doing. When in the history of the Arrow has keeping a secret gone well? Or even been neutral? I appreciate that Felicity can use them to get as much info as possible, but she hasn’t thought through the morality of what she is doing. Is it really good for anyone to have access to all camera phone information?


Quick Hits:

  • For all of Helix’s faults, they do have quite good facilities. I suppose the days of a hacker being in their parent’s basement are long gone.
  • After his identity was out in the open it was great to see the change in Adrian. If he had a moustache, he would have been twirling it.
  • Felicity how many times did Oliver tell you to trust him about a secret?
  • So, what will happen now that the Green Arrow isn’t likely to hand himself in time?
  • There can’t be another spy in the team can there? All of Oliver’s moves could be guessed except Captain Pike getting the evidence about Adrian’s false identity. The attack on Pike seemed too coincidental.
  • It’s been a while since Oliver lost it.
  • I liked the fight between Adrian and Oliver. It was feral, as opposed to the normal stylish fighting. It should that there was something personal between the two of them.


And Finally…

The Flashbacks all about Oliver and friends attempting to kill Gregor and to take back control of Bratva. I feel that it is stalling.