Thawne and Ray race toward the last fragment of the Spear of Destiny. Meanwhile, Rip tries to find his place in the team now that Sara is Captain.


One thing most of the Legends have in common is that they are expendable. Their loss would be mourned, but it wouldn’t have consequences for the main timeline. Amaya is the exception to this rule, because of the Vixen legend, and we have also met her granddaughter.

The temptation is always there to change the past, especially your own, to make things better. Nate puts his father’s poor parenting down to his own lack of father. He wants his grandfather to return to his family to make life better for both Nate and his father. Of course, this would probably mean that he never joined the Legends in the first place. I shudder to think what that would mean.

Amaya is beginning to show a tendency towards the hypocritical. No relationships within the team, unless she fancies someone was so last episode. Now, it is that you can’t interfere with the timeline unless it is your own future. She wouldn’t be looking into her future if she wasn’t going to do something about it.

Commander Steel has always been about the mission, but it doesn’t stop him from blaming Rip for him being away from his family. It’s so Legends of Tomorrow that his son turns up on the day that he ends up on the Waverider and so misses him. His sacrifice is typical for the character, and it means that the temptation to change things is gone from Nate.

Rip may be back with the team, but he doesn’t know his place within it. Before he was captain, leading the team and keeping them to their mission. In his absence, Sara has taken charge and the Legends are acting like a team. She’s even taken over as pilot. He’s not jealous, he appreciates that she is the better leader, but what is he there for?

I have to admit that Henry’s hiding place for the final piece of the spear was quite clever. I have no idea how the Legion knew that he had placed it in the flagpole on the moon though. It however led to an interesting interaction between Thawne and Ray. You can’t quite believe Reverse Flash when he says that he only wants to use it to stop himself from dying. However, he doesn’t attack Ray during his just too easy an escape.


Quick Hits:

  • Of course Mick wants to meet Elvis. What’s the point of time travel if you can’t see Elvis?
  • Rip isn’t quite on the same wavelength as the rest of the team. It’ll take time for him to fit in again.
  • Note for future self. No gravity equals no super speed. Something for later no doubt.
  • It’s all about saving Apollo 13, just not in the way they were expecting.
  • It is so typical of Ray that he would keep a video log just in case.
  • So why couldn’t the Waverider land on the moon?
  • Thawne misses both Caitlin and Cisco. Dhark and Merlin are certainly not an upgrade.
  • It is certainly a question worth asking. Why didn’t Ray apply his technology to make life easier for others, rather than building himself the atom suit?
  • Those poor astronauts, they slept through everything, and how are they going to explain the one that is now missing.
  • Self preservation is the thing about Thawne. Of course he was going to give up the correct entry angle back into the atmosphere.


And Finally…

As a distraction Martin sings, it isn’t that he can’t sing, but his choice of song was a tad strange. It worked though, everyone was distracted.