Everyone is trapped inside David’s mind under the control of Lenny. Sydney begins to realise that something is wrong, while it looks like Oliver is getting everyone out.


As a note. As they are the same thing, I will be referring to the yellow eyed monster as Lenny throughout this.

I found it intriguing that Lenny used the Summerland gang powers as the basis of their mental illnesses. Sydney disliking people touching her. Cary and Kerry being more or less attached to the hip. Ptonomy always returning to his memory of his mother’s death. The Eye’s hostility to everything, and Melanie being frozen waiting for Oliver to return.

Of the group, only Sydney thinks that something is awry. This must still be lingering effects from when she was in David’s mind earlier, as she can see the imperfections in the mind. This leads to Lenny needing to remove her from the equation, by moving her to another part of David’s mind.

We also get to look at the relationship between Lenny and David. In this construct, David is perfectly happy and feels that he is in control. The real world is a scary place to him, so why leave his safe space. Lenny wants to manipulate him, so that she can keep control, but does she need to? At the end, Lenny says that she only needs David for his body, and boxes him within his own mind.

I’m hoping that it will be explained why Oliver is helping at this point, as he draws Cary into the astral plane to save him. Melanie’s husband was so cray the first time we came across him it would be good to know why he involved himself. Cary takes over inside the diving suit at some stage, but why was Melanie left at the view of the present?

Lenny’s plan seems to have been in the making for quite some time. David’s father knew that she would be coming after his son, but failed miserably in hiding him. Lenny says that everything is about the power, and that together David and her would be like a god. I’m wondering if with David boxed up she cannot use his powers, making her weaker, and giving the good guys an out.


Quick Hits:

  • Amy becomes a nurse, who won’t let David eat a pie, when he really wanted to.
  • It was clever that they revisited some of the scenes from the first chapter with some changes. For instance, David and Sydney’s bed scene.
  • Cary and Kerry’s attachment just looks so wrong. I think the expression is dirty old man.
  • The magic trick doesn’t help.
  • I have no idea what those crazy eyes were about when Melanie got back through the looking glass to the present.
  • Amy is the main catalyst for antagonising David, telling him that he was unwanted.
  • Continuing the freakiness on Kerry, she is now being chased around by The Eye.


And Finally…

Another dance number, this time with Lenny going solo throughout all of the set pieces inside David’s mind. That’s because she is feeling good.