Barry decides to go into the speed force in an attempt to save Wally. Meanwhile, Jesse decides to go after Savitar while HR tries to talk her out of it.


Barry’s relationship with the speed force is rather complicated. It has given Barry a significant amount of latitude, but it begins to realise that he is impulsive. The last time Barry was in the speed force, he promised that he wouldn’t save his mother. He did, and Flashpoint was created, and he has to live with the choices that he made. Just as Wally did.

Barry’s plan is to take the place of Wally in the prison that his future self created. The speed force doesn’t like this idea, as Barry needs to be the one to stop Savitar. Barry has to take responsibility for not just what happened, but also for fixing things (and saving Iris). His problem is that he has done fighting when now is the time to.

Until now, Barry’s plan has been to change the circumstances surrounding Iris’ death to stop it from happening. The characters know that the by-line in the future newspaper article changed so Savitar changed the future. So, why can’t Barry do the same? That should be his plan. Make a big change.

HR isn’t the genius that either Harry or Wells were. He is an ideas man and one with a better understanding of the real world. The first part was shown through his idea that they could be able to track Barry in the speed force. The latter point, through his conversations with Jesse.

Jesse was making the same mistake, in HR’s mind, that Wally did in wanting to rush into things. Of course, he didn’t want her to get hurt, but he also felt that she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to go against Savitar. Jesse Quick is more effective than her male counterparts in fighting the self-proclaimed god of speedsters. However, is this only after HR calms her down and gives her a plan.

I’ve been incredibly chill about Iris and Barry this season, but it is now officially in the realms of soap opera. Iris eventually comes to terms with the reason why Barry proposed, stating that she doesn’t want to doubt his intentions. This is good, the engagement is still on. Actually, no. Barry is now the one who wants space because he feels that he needs to embrace the future. Do we really need to be doing this?


Quick Hits:

  • We don’t often get the internal voice outside of the intro. I like listening in on Barry’s mind.
  • Gold tooth just sounds wrong. It sounds to me too much like hearing radio signals from my fillings.
  • I liked the idea that each of the forms that the speed force took was of someone who sacrificed themselves because they believed in Barry.
  • Of course Barry was going to try and save Wally, Iris. If you didn’t realise this maybe it shouldn’t work out.
  • Caitlin with her and Ronnie’s daughter was more heart breaking than it should have been.
  • I’m always glad when Captain Cold makes an appearance.
  • Wally reliving his mother’s death over and over is going to take a while to get over.
  • I hope everyone got the golden age comment about Jay Garrick.
  • Jay is the one who sacrifices himself and is left in his prison.
  • Savitar can feel pain. Why do you think he needed the armour in the first place?


And Finally…

I made the note that it was quick. I’m not too sure if it was the speed force part of the story, or Jesse Quick leaving again. She’s off to Earth 3 to be the Flash there in place of Jay Garrick. Girl won’t stay in one place for too long.