David decides that it is time for him to go alone to Division 3 to rescue his sister. The rest of the Summerland gang go after him.


From the beginning David was very different from what we have seen before. He was confident, if not a little cocky, in control of his powers, and had a plan. This was the first red flag. The second, was how his created reality for Sydney and himself was imperfect (the bugs in the fruit bowl). I’m assuming that he was under the control of the yellow eyed monster for the whole time.

The devastation of Division 3 was complete. The moment that I began to wonder whatever happened to the Eye, he appeared following Melanie and friends. Watching what David did took away slightly from the result. The odd arm and set of legs sticking out of the ground looked horrific, but the effects weren’t. Maybe it would have been better leaving it just showing the monster controlling David.

Anyway, David ends up at his childhood home, where Lenny is trying to get a secret about David out of Amy. It appears that he was adopted. This makes sense, but I would have to question why anyone would leave such a powerful mutant out and about without someone keeping an eye (pardon the pun) on him. It also begs the question as to who are his parents, and what does it mean about the man who was reading to David from the storybook?

Maybe Melanie was listening when Ptonomy voices his scepticism about David. She attempts to get Sydney’s help in trying to treat David. The girlfriend rebuffs her as she is completed devoted to him, and thinks that he is in control. Of course, Melanie also has a personal reason. She knows that David has been to the astral plane, she is convinced that he can free her husband who is trapped there.

The new and improved Clockworks, with Lenny the therapist, I’m guessing is a reality created by David. I think that the moment where everything was silent marked their entrance. Lenny was able to touch Amy, which suggests that she was already there.


Quick Hits:

  • For much of this chapter David is in his own reality, the dangers of overexposure are there in what happened to Oliver.
  • Sydney explanation that her first time was as her mother, and changing place during would have been very confusing to all concerned.
  • Why wake everyone else up if the four going to Division 3 are already about.
  • Poor Dr Kissinger, no one seems to care about him. That’s twice that he was left in the cell.
  • I’m guessing that Division 3 are out of things for a while. Ok, except for the Eye, who is now caught up with everything.
  • Did Division 3 know about the monster? “It wears a human face” is a weird line if they didn’t.
  • I always think of the muppets when I hear Rainbow Connection.
  • Amy and her parents didn’t want to tell David about his adoption as it may have destabilised him further.
  • I laughed when Melanie got suspicious when Cary turned up with his crown thing waving it around. All was well when Kerry appeared.


And Finally…

I’m really enjoying seeing Cary and Kerry’s powers. When Cary reabsorbs Kerry he gets her injuries, but she is injury free when she splits off the next time. That’s a pretty good trick for someone who likes to fight.