Coulson, Fitz and Robbie have all gone missing and May takes a risk to bring them back. Mack is acting oddly, and Daisy decides to go after him.


Coulson, Fitz and Robbie were sent to the ghost world because of the wave caused by Eli’s experiment. It seems that they’re trapped further than Lucy was, as they couldn’t interact with the real world like she was. I never thought that they were in any danger though, even with the idea of them going further and further into the darkness.

Ghost Rider doesn’t like the ghost world, and escapes at the first opportunity, jumping himself into Mack. It seems that he doesn’t want to go back to Hell. While Robbie is fuelled by vengeance, Mack is by pain. Vengeance seems to be a better fit for Ghost Rider as he goes back into Robbie. But, what is it that Ghost Rider wants? We haven’t addressed that yet.

You know that if someone like Radcliffe is scared of knowledge then it must be bad. Mind you, Aida having the knowledge of the Darkhold is going to be a bad thing in the long term. I was a little surprised that she was able to read it, with her not being alive and all. I’m certain there is a philosophical discussion on Artificial Intelligence waiting to happen.

Anyway, she’s able to create a device which allows the boys to escape from the ghost world and return to normality. Unfortunately, this also means that Aida’s secret is out, but I’m not convinced that we are going to see the fallout from it quite yet.

Simmon’s secret mission is to help the Senator’s brother who is still in a cocoon becoming an Inhuman. He’s been in it for seven months, and all it took was a little bit of care and attention from Simmons for him to come out of it. With the amount of equipment there I’m guessing that the brother isn’t leaving soon. It probably wouldn’t look good for the Senator leading the charge again Inhumans having a brother that is one.


Quick Hits:

  • Mack’s axe is certainly sharp enough, and it is also a shotgun. Still cool.
  • May missing Coulson and immediately going to the Darkhold. They seem to be pushing the pair closer together.
  • Bad news Daisy, as Robbie is no longer Ghost Rider his car no longer self-heals. So watch the paint job.
  • It was interesting that even though they couldn’t communicate directly with the others, they were able to manipulate technology. That’s how Aida knew that they were around.
  • Fitz thinks that by stepping down as director Coulson was like Daisy and ran away. Coulson does seem comfortable without the responsibility.
  • Of course Aida would read the Darkhold in machine code.
  • It’s good to hear that for once Fitz doesn’t know.
  • Mack waiting for Robbie to return. What is that picture he was holding?
  • Aida making herself a brain. Uh-Oh.


And Finally…

Mack goes rushing off on his own contrary to the orders of the new director. Mace’s response, Mack isn’t wearing a helmet. Huh!