Izumi expels Ed and Al after they admit to attempting human transmutation. Al is then captured by Greed and his team of Chimeras.


One of the less notable things about how the boys is that Al has to use a transmutation circle even though he has been to the other side of the gate. This is because Al doesn’t remember seeing the truth, now as he gave up his whole body how much did he see? It may drive him insane, but what would Al remember?

Greed wants immortality, mainly because it is there and he doesn’t have it. He therefore captures Al in the hope of finding out how his soul was attached to the armour. I liked the idea of one of the henchmen jumping into the armour to slow Al down just enough to capture him. They seem to know what Al is.

From a science point of view there are two things to note about Greed and his allies. Firstly, the homunculi are artificial humans, and Greed appears to have split himself from the others. More importantly, it seems that the government has successfully created human chimeras.

With this revelation I need to revisit Shou Tucker for a moment. The government didn’t really need his research as they would have already created their own talking chimeras. Does this mean that Nina’s transformation was unnecessary? It brings to me a whole new level of despair to her story.

If his unrelenting determination is Ed’s greatest strength, then his biggest weakness is certainly his anger. When angry, Ed takes on all challenges head on with no more a plan than to punch all of Greed’s teeth out. The bad news is that Greed has an ultimate shield making him very difficult for the pip squeak to hurt.

It takes a while, but when Ed calms himself down he figures out how to neutralise Greed’s shield. If only Ed could learn to harness his anger into solving problems he would probably spend less time getting himself beaten up.

But where would be the fun in that.


Quick Hits:

  • Ed accepts his expulsion with a surprising amount of calmness.
  • Izumi now sees the boys as her equal and feels that there is nothing left to teach them. It wasn’t because she was mad at them (if she was she would have probably kicked them in the head).
  • Mustang’s transfer has come through, and he is off to Central. He’ll be taking his team as well.
  • Poor Havoc, his objection is to be dumped.
  • Scar meets his master who advises that the revenge that he is taking will only lead to more violence. Scar knows this, but is staying on the path that he has choosen.
  • Yoki gives up Scar, who kills the men that tried to capture him. Yoki wants revenge on Edward Elric. Watch the original series to see why.
  • Yoki ends up following Scar.
  • Al is told to think for himself, and so kicks Dolcetto. We may need to him away from his brother, as he is starting to pick up bad habits.
  • Izumi is not impressed that Ed and Al didn’t put the broom away, and then starts beating up Greed. I think that Greed should be thinking that he is having a bad day. Or wondering why he got himself involved with a bunch of lunatics.


And Finally…

Ed’s speech when he finds Al is so over the top angry in animation style it is brilliant. So is Izumi when she says that if they were still her students she would kill them. I’m a fan of the OTT reaction animations.