Wyatt is imprisoned for jumping back to the 1980s. Meanwhile, Lucy and Rufus break in a new team mate as they jump back to see Charles Lindbergh arrive in Paris.


As we’ve been told before, Rittenhouse is a family business. Now that Lucy knows, her father believes that she will come around, just as everyone else has. Charles Lindbergh was in the same place when he flew over the Atlantic in 1927. He too was a member of Rittenhouse, and was given the option of leaving. He ultimately didn’t, and history followed as it should have.

There is a part of me who thinks that Lucy talking to Lindberg was a setup. No, not in getting some information about Rittenhouse. I mean her trying to talk Lindbergh into not doing as he is told. We’ve seen Flynn absently reading the journal before, but this seemed too precise.

Emma seems to have her head more screwed on than Anthony ever did. If I was Flynn, I would watch out for that one. She probably knows exactly who the journal belongs to, and she knows when to step aside. She does have a thing though for celebrity spotting, which gets her spotted by the team.

Poor Dave, he didn’t even survive one mission. He was more by the book than Wyatt, and certainly less prone to queasiness.

Rittenhouse makes their move, as they take control of the project. Agent Christopher is replaced by Jake from the NSA, who is working under Lucy’s dad. With agents literally standing over people’s shoulders it is going to be very difficult for Team Excellent adventure to do anything. Jake’s attitude seems to be to only have them around when they are needed. When will they start their own missions?

Wyatt has given up after the failed attempt to save his wife. He’s prepared to just give in, but is convinced by Agent Christopher to help after finding out that Rittenhouse is taking over the lifeboat facility. Wyatt realises that he just needs to protect the others, but what happens now that Agent Christopher and himself are on the outside?


Quick Hits:

  • Mom is back, with some details about Lucy’s dad. The character has really been wasted so far.
  • I’m not sure that Flynn is really comparable to Rittenhouse. Is anarchy the same a world of perfect order? That’s what both sides are offering with the time machine.
  • It’s nice when the historical characters get a little involved, but they felt very two dimensional in this episode.
  • Rufus is so out of his league Josephine Baker. Oh, and don’t tell Jiya about anything that happened on this mission.
  • Do you think that the moral about the lost generation not being aimless, but battered and ready to stand again was aimed at anyone in particular?
  • Lucy is a pure blood. Sounds senior.
  • I’m not too sure what Lucy’s story was about. Is she under her mother’s thumb, for not listening to her sister?
  • I wonder what happened when Flynn met that nice Rittenhouse guy in Paris.
  • Who decided to put Wyatt in the same room as an electrics box? Make it easy for him to escape.
  • Jake is more of a by the numbers debriefer. All about the business.


And Finally…

Lucy is given a present from her mother, a journal. Just like the one that Flynn has been using. Oh dear!