David finds himself in the astral plane when he meets a man called Oliver. Meanwhile, Sydney and the team go out to find how reliable David’s memories are.


There is an assumption that David’s memories aren’t reliable even outside of normal biases. I think the more pertinent question is what weren’t made up? David never owned a dog, and Lenny was really a guy called Benny. We know that she ended up half way inside a wall, but was it really Lenny? She was a patient in Clockworks, are those things real, or is she being rewritten into the David’s past. My head hurts even thing about it.

This leads to Dr Poole who was beaten up and almost killed by David. He said something to his doctor which he shouldn’t have. Was it to do with “What did the stars say?” David wasn’t robbing the place, he was there to destroy his session tapes. Division 3 probably has Dr Poole, but will they get out of him the answer.

We find out officially what is going on with Cary and Kerry. It appears that they share the same body, with Kerry jumping out every so often to do her own thing. Even when separated there is still a strong bond between them, with Cary feeling it when Kerry gets hurt. The best part of the forest fight, were the cuts to Summerland where he is replicating her moves.

I was completely flat footed by the introduction to the chapter. For a show like this, I suppose you can’t have too much weirdness. He’s been stuck in the astral plane for a while and has a fair understanding as to what is happening. He can see the monster inside of David, but he doesn’t really mention how he can get rid of the parasite. The diving suit makes it obvious that it is the same man who is frozen back in Summerland.

David’s visit to the astral plane is short lived, with a little help from his friend Head Lenny. I say friend, but I’m guessing that she is an image of the yellow eyed monster, attempting to tempt David into doing the wrong thing. She needs David to return to the normal world quickly, as she has things to do. The red flag was definitely raised when she showed Sydney in trouble.


Quick Hits:

  • Objects have memories too. I suppose it shouldn’t be discounted.
  • I would not to have liked Sydney being captured by Division 3 until it happened. When they ended up trapped by The Eye, you knew how it was going to end.
  • Amy finds herself in a cell next to Dr Kissinger. Amy always suspected that there was something different with her brother. How badly is David wanted?
  • Ptonomy can just stare at you and search through your memories. I’m guessing that the memory work was so that others could share the experience.
  • I suppose spending a long time in the astral plane is going to make you go a little looney. Isn’t that right Oliver?
  • Let’s give it up to Division 3 and how bad they are at shooting things. Mind you, it seems that The Eye cannot be shot.
  • David is able to get himself out of the astral plane and immediately teleport himself to the roadside.
  • Of course, he then frees the wrong Sydney, and the body switch back happened at precisely the wrong moment.
  • Was The Eye going to stab David in the back and kill him? Is David now considered too dangerous.


And Finally…

When Sydney swapped with David, she ended up with his powers. However, when she swapped with The Eye, Sydney’s body had an off eye. Just wondering.