After Rip destroys the medallion, Sara and Jax decide to go into his mind to find the location of the last piece of the Spear of Destiny. Meanwhile, Amaya, Nate and Ray go hunting in prehistoric times.


The destruction of the medallion was really an excuse for the team to attempt to fix Rip. It was really good that Jax went with Sara on the trip, as most of the time he is the one left behind. At the end of the day it was Rip who had to fix himself, as the evil crew kept on coming back.

Thawne was more interested in ruining Rip’s relationship with his teammates, than turning him against Gideon. However, Rip’s closest confidant is with the Waverider’s AI. She was there to give him moral support, rather than to fight on his behalf. Their kiss was a little weird, and how did the real Gideon know about it?

Ray is in his happy place getting back to his prehistoric camp. The rock versions of the Legends were cute, and he just jumped back into boy scout mode with ease. I’ve said this before, but Ray does seem to be becoming more childlike by the episode.

You knew that after Ray’s story about stealing one of Gertrude’s eggs that the delineator was going to end up in her nest. I would to have loved seeing Ray stealing the delineator, but instead we got Amaya talking things out with Gertie.

But that wasn’t the point of these outside scenes. Amaya and Nate start flirting again, as she has decided that she shouldn’t be constrained by not dating co-workers. Nate’s fine with this, even after being warned by Ray that unlike the rest of the team, Amaya has a destiny, and a grand daughter. Mind you, no one ever said that Nate isn’t Vixen’s grand father.


Quick Hits:

  • The Legends are getting impatient with trying to find the last piece who is with Nate’s grand father.
  • No one thought that Rip wouldn’t have an override code.
  • The latest in the long line of philosophy from Mick. No killing, no fun.
  • Mick has himself a new assistant. Martin.
  • What is it with archaeologists and not liking snakes?
  • I don’t want to complain too much about Jax, but why stop the Sara v Sara fight.
  • There is one exception to Thawne’s relationship changer. Mick. How would an evil version be different?
  • All joking aside, but Mick was correct (isn’t he always) about how Martin treats Jax. Jax has come a long way.
  • I’ve been known complain about the CGI effects. So, I need to point out that I liked Gertrude when she finally appeared. Yes, I wouldn’t have minded more, but this episode was “cost effective”. I mean cheap.
  • Rip is back! Does that mean that there are now two captains?


And Finally…

Of course Gideon was going to be hot in the flesh. It’s the Arrowverse, they don’t even do normal looking people.