Wally admits to seeing Savitar in his mind, and Barry isn’t impressed. Iris finds out why Barry proposed, and she isn’t happy about it.


Sometimes, Barry can be a right idiot. He is so focused on changing history to save Iris, that he has lost sight of the big picture. Everyone is currently being driven by their fear of something (be it losing Iris, Savitar or Killer Frost), and are becoming frayed. There just isn’t the normal happiness around Team Flash to balance it.

Wally wasn’t right for keeping it secret that he was seeing Savitar again, which comes to a head when Kid Flash is beaten by him whilst on a mission. Normally, this would lead to the team coming together to stop the visions, but as Barry is consumed by what will happen with Iris, he instead benches Kid Flash. This is such a bad decision.

Savitar may not have the physical presence of either the Reverse Flash or Zoom, but he is certainly out manipulating Team Flash. Everything that the team have done (not just Wally) has helped with his escape. It’s ironic that Caitlin holding onto a piece of the stone was the only thing stopping him from escaping.

Barry makes mistakes when he acts selfishly. Flashpoint was caused when he decided to stop his mother from being killed. This lead to Savitar’s long term plan of freeing himself from his speed force prison. He was selfish in keeping Wally at arms-length, which has led to Wally taking matters into his own hands and now he’s stuck in the speed force. Even the engagement, is from the point of selfishness, he could have told Iris beforehand.

As Iris has taken off the ring, I suppose that this one of the shortest engagements of all time. If it was simply done to try and change the timeline, then yes, it was a dumb thing to do. If Barry had done it the proper way, by asking Joe’s permission first, would she have felt any different about it? She didn’t have a problem with moving in together, considering that Barry was driven to it because of her proposed death.

What hints there are in this episode points to Savitar as being a future version of Wally. Barry is certainly cruel and selfish, in Wally’s eyes, at this moment. Wally got his powers from Savitar, and he knows what buttons to push on the youngest West. It’s not compelling, but the obvious answer. It doesn’t mean it’s right, as it doesn’t explain about Savitar being there from the beginning.

I suppose I’m just waiting on the Savitar reveal. Until then off to the speed force we shall go.


Quick Hits:

  • When Wally finally gets quick enough to save his sister, he gets a crisis in confidence of his abilities.
  • Julian and Caitlin start by not quite hugging. Julian then manages to steal a kiss which is sweet.
  • One of the issues with both Julian and Caitlin are that they are both afraid that the other wouldn’t like them for what they could be. They have to learn to not be afraid of the could.
  • How did the Acolyte know about the wedding? Push up their plans indeed.
  • Question, where is Wally (or Jesse) in the vibe?
  • Poor Julian has become nothing more than the Savitar hotline. The big bad does sound more sinister in those scenes.
  • So much of what you can do is self-belief. We know that Wally is fast enough, but he is unsure.
  • Savitar plays the mommy card on Wally, to get him to do exactly what he wants. Very clever.
  • The team now has a piece of Savitar which he left in Barry after he stabbed Flash.
  • I have to ask. Where’s Wally?


And Finally…

Cisco is Tech Support. Did Savitar not see Felicity and Cisco saving everyone in the big crossover?