Alex wants to after Jeremiah because she doesn’t believe that he is working for Cadmus willingly. Kara and Snapper have a disagreement about publishing the story about Cadmus having a copy of the alien register.


There are obviously parallels between the alien storyline and what is happening in the real world. Forcibly deporting the aliens sounds like an easy solution, but all you would be doing is moving the problem onto someone else. It just felt wrong for that to be Lillian’s plan, even if Jeremiah convinced her to do it. Why would they deescalate, wouldn’t their defeats embolden Cadmus to something more extreme?

If it was anyone else, J’onn probably would have benched them after they went Old Testament on their one Cadmus prisoner. You may question the method, but I think that J’onn wanted to be certain before suspending her. Alex’s judgement was compromised, the fact that she went to a Cadmus base on her own was proof of that.

One thing we’ve learned is that Alex never bluffs, and it was cool when everything started to blow up. Jeremiah’s betrayal was because he wanted to protect his daughters from Cadmus, which doesn’t really work. Haven’t Cadmus tried to kill them before? And he has now met his daughters, they can both look after themselves. You know, one of them is Supergirl. Speaking of which…

Things used to be so easy for Kara. Cat believed Supergirl, but that doesn’t work with Snapper who treats her as he would any other source. He wants something that he can corroborate, but the more Supergirl talks the more she accidentally reveals without saying anything. Snapper isn’t going to do anything until she “shows everything”.

And no I don’t mean it in that way.

Snapper believes in the process and ensuring that everything he publishes is watertight. You know, good journalism. The thing that Kara is meant to be learning. Unlike Cat, he isn’t going to believe things on just Supergirl’s word. They don’t have that relationship. This puts Kara in a bind. What does she do?

Kara ends up going for the quick root and self publishes the story on her blog. I actually thought that she would have gotten Snapper that second source he was looking for instead. Which gets her fired. Kara says that she feels like reporting is her calling, but has it been treated as such? We’ve barely seen her develop as a journalist, as Catco has been in the background since Cat’s departure.

We also know that this is only going to be temporary.


Quick Hits:

  • You have to give Lyra points for liking Dune. Winn still thinks he is taking things slowly. I don’t have the guts to tell him.
  • For once Mon-El is the voice of reason. Deep breath or drink. Pot stickers for Kara. Alright the blob advice was a miss, but in the words of the great philosopher Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad.
  • You have to give it to Maggie for agreeing to help Alex. She probably only did it so that she could use Alex’s gun.
  • It’s great that the Cadmus vans come with a GPS showing where their base is. There must be a setting to switch off tracking.
  • When Lillian told Lena’s assistant not to hurt her daughter it didn’t mean Lena falling over the balcony. Thankfully Supergirl was out for coffee with Kara.
  • I didn’t realise that Kara had a blog, and that Cadmus was following it.
  • Note to all members of Cadmus. If you see an escaping prisoner running, stop them, or failing that shoot at them. Even if things are blowing up around you.
  • Snapper thought that Kara was lucky with her story, but it doesn’t stop him from firing her. He was rooting for her.
  • Most people will geek out for that alien couple at the end of the episode.


And Finally…

I found it funny that when the alien dive bar was being attacked, it was the women fighting whilst Winn was on the ground and James was busy putting on his super suit. Girl power!