Director Mace arrives on the bus to capture Daisy and Robbie who are working with Coulson. Lucy and Uncle Eli complete the Darkhold experiment.


Director Mace isn’t impressed that there are two fugitives currently helping Coulson, and he plans on bringing them in. Coulson does a fine effort in hiding them, but did he really expect that Mace wouldn’t have noticed a missing containment module. Coulson may be goose free, but you could say that his goose is cooked.

Daisy isn’t that important (for once), but Ghost Rider is the only thing that can deal with ghost Lucy. Coulson knows this, but Mace has to be convinced. It’ll be interesting to see how things change considering that Lucy has now been dealt with. How far is the director going to push considering they probably don’t have a way of confining Ghost Rider.

Of course, Ghost Rider’s origin story was going to be linked back into the Momentum storyline. Joe hired the Fifth Street Gang to kill Eli, but instead they attack Robbie and Gabe who are in their uncle’s car. Robbie would die in the attack, but at the end all he prayed for was his brother’s survival.

It isn’t implied that Gabe would have died without the good Samaritan pulling him from the wreckage of his uncle’s car, so I’m convinced that Robbie’s prayers were answered. Anyway, Robbie accepts the offer for vengeance, rather than an exchange for saving his brother, and becomes the flaming skull that we all know and love.

There is a good reason for this treachery on Joe’s part. Eli wants the book.

I was surprised that Eli is the one who ends up being the big bad. Why did Lucy kidnap him to help finish the experiment, when he was the one who put her in the ghost state in the first place? She wanted someone with some familiarity, but I wouldn’t be trusting someone with the thing that they were looking for in the first place.

For once, SHIELD aren’t quite quick enough to deal with the situation, and Uncle Eli now has the ability to create his own things. That makes him a god. One question, we didn’t see Fitz and Coulson in those final panning cuts. Did something happen to them?


Quick Hits:

  • More energy is release at the end of the experiment, than was needed at the beginning. Darkhold must be magical, as it breaks physics.
  • Simmons is now on the missing list, as she is on assignment for the US government. Our Simmons keeps on getting separated off from the rest of the group.
  • She is also very peeved off with the new director. I’m not sure he will win any popularity contests.
  • Gabe thinks for a short period of time that Robbie is a secret agent. Better than the alternative.
  • It’s good that Daisy did quite a bit of covering for Robbie. Not that it was any good as Robbie does explain to his brother what he has become.
  • If there is a focus group for evil things. Can I join?
  • Daisy can’t even hack into the power plant, as it doesn’t have a network. Sometimes you have to do things the good old fashioned way.
  • I think that it is good that May is the one who hid the Darkhold. Does Eli even need it now.


And Finally…

Of course Admiral Ackbar was the real hero. Han Solo may have only looked after himself, but he was also a scruffy looking nerf-herder. Our dearest admiral even had the best line. “It’s a trap”.