Ed and Al arrive in Dublith where they visit their old teacher Izumi Curtis. Her reaction to their predicament surprises the brothers.


In the build up to meeting the teacher of the Elric brothers, the impression was that they were trained by some sort of monster. The greeting of kicking Ed in the head and throwing Al around was a little excessive, but the boys did want to work on their core.

Her relationship to the brothers is fleshed out through a series of flashbacks. They first meet her when she creates some barriers to stop some flooding. Izumi is a reluctant teacher, only taking the boys on when she is told that they are orphans. Her training methods are a wee bit on the extreme side, and she has a temper to match Ed’s.

I’m not too sure that the lesson of one is all, and all is one is that important. Izumi simply laughs at the brothers when they tell their teacher that All is everything and One is them (or Ed). Alchemy being like the circle of life where everything is deconstructed and then made into something else, sounds like a bit of a stretch.

That brings us to the sad part of her story. Like Ed, she can transmute without the need of a circle. She says that it is something you learn when you see the truth. So, she has been to the gate after attempting human transmutation. Sig and her, had difficulties having children, and when she did have a son, it was stillborn. The cost was part of her insides (I’m guessing her womb).

She therefore knows what exactly the boys are going through. She immediately guesses that the brothers had done the same thing themselves and she ends up doing something that is undoubtedly out of character. She gives them a hug. They are her darling little idiots.


Quick Hits:

  • Sig is glad to see the brothers. He is the silent partner in his relationship with his wife.
  • Izumi knows nothing about the Philosopher’s Stone, but remembers someone called Hohenheim who had mentioned this before.
  • Hohenheim is Ed and Al’s father, who abandoned them when they were small children. Ed blames him for his mother’s death.
  • I thought that the whole scene of the boys trying to convince Izumi to be their teacher was really funny. Ed and Al were never going to take no as an answer.
  • Just a housewife. Izumi is so much more than that.
  • Like any pair of brothers, Ed and Al spend so much time arguing with each other that a fox steals the rabbit that they couldn’t kill.
  • Ed eating the ants, going yuck, and then eating some more. Brings a smile to my face.
  • Did you notice that Ed didn’t cry when hugging his teacher? As I’ve said before, Winry cries for them.


And Finally…

The Elric brothers got off easy. When she was training, Izumi spent a month in Briggs mountain and by the looks of things took on a bear.