Wyatt and Rufus go off to the 1980s to stop the parents of Jessica’s killer from meeting. In the present, Anthony contacts Lucy with an idea to end everything.


When Wyatt confronted the man that Flynn suggested has killed his wife, there was never any admission of guilt. In fact, it was left ambiguous enough that you could believe whatever you wanted about the murderer. Wyatt assumed that he was the murderer simply because he still wants closure for his wife’s death.

It is of course convenient that the killer is a result of a one night stand, meaning that it would be incredibly easy to pull off ye olde reverse back to the future trick. Ensure that the parents never meet. However, no matter how much they try, the parents keep on meeting up and hitting it off.

There is a palatable sense of desperation as Wyatt goes from plan to plan becoming more extreme. Yes, the bartender’s death is accidental, but it is still Wyatt’s fault. It would have been worth it if it stopped Jessica’s murder, but it seems that Flynn was wrong/lying. He’s going to have to live with the consequences, and he is at least off the team. How does he come back from this?

Lucy would have gone with the rest of the team, but Wyatt didn’t want to risk her arrangement with Agent Christopher. It’s a strange choice leaving figuring out how to bring Amy back to Christopher, I would have thought that it there be more of a timey wimey solution needed. It does leave her there to be contacted by Anthony.

We now know the why and the grand plan. Rittenhouse has been guiding the American way for a long time, and there have always been things that they have been unable to control. Over time this control has become eroded, and Rittenhouse want it back. To do this, they want to go back in time and remove the things that they couldn’t control. Only leaving a shiny, people, holding hands.

Anthony’s decision to destroy both modules is only a temporary stopgap at best, as the time travel can of worms has certainly been opened. It was also never going to work, if you take the time travel bits out of the show there isn’t much left. Flynn isn’t as merciful as Homeland Security, and wasn’t it just good luck that he recently got himself a replacement pilot.

The last thing is that Lucy also finds out that Mason’s contract within Rittenhouse is her biological father. She confronts her father on this, who says something interesting. Her legacy is part of her blood. Her father has been kept at arms-length throughout her life, almost as if he didn’t exist for her. Could she be related to Rittenhouse in another way?


Quick Hits:

  • It is never explained how Emma knew more about Rittenhouse than Anthony. I suppose it makes sense as she is his replacement.
  • I’m one of those people who would get to the airport well early if I was waiting on someone. If only Wyatt did the same.
  • I think that Mason should have realised by now that he is being left on the side lines by Agent Christopher. His attempts to get himself involved with Anthony were pretty desperate.
  • I’m not sure why Jiya is getting so upset that Rufus didn’t tell her. Wyatt probably shouldn’t have told Lucy beforehand. Plausible deniability people.
  • If it wasn’t for Flynn stealing the mothership, Rittenhouse would be busy changing things right now. I wonder if they are building a replacement.
  • Oh look, the original stewardesses are staying in the same hotel. Wyatt cannot catch a break.
  • I’m thinking that Flynn was wrong rather than lying. He didn’t have to give Wyatt a name, so why give him the wrong one? It wasn’t as if Wyatt was going to let it go.
  • Lucy’s father is relieved that he can talk to his daughter. Did Rittenhouse tell him to stay sway?


And Finally…

How often would you meet someone who is an air hostess, who is into both Manimal and the A-Team. Rufus my man, I think you let a keeper get away.