Mayor Queen is up on impeachment charges after it is revealed that he hid the Green Arrow’s involvement in the killing of Officer Malone. Curtis makes himself a new toy.


This is as close to a political drama, as you are going to get in the Arrowverse. Actually, the impeachment wasn’t the important aspect, it was all about finding a fall guy. Adrian was right when he said that the council were looking for their pound of flesh, and everything was being manipulated towards that being the Green Arrow.

Prometheus has known for a while who Oliver is in his spare time. He’s also spent quite a while getting to know the Mayor, so knows that he isn’t going to throw an innocent under the bus. He manipulated Oliver into turning the city against the Arrow. He doesn’t want to just kill the Mayor, but to destroy the Arrow first.

For someone who isn’t a natural politician, Thea does have a good understanding of the dark arts. Last time out she destroyed Susan, and now here she is ready to blackmail a councilman. She kind of stops herself after Oliver finds out that Felicity gave her info on the swing vote. She needs help, and it’ll be interesting if they continue this storyline (instead of her being off screen).

I think that someone needs to have a sit down chat with Felicity. She already has a team, so why does she need another? Felicity has always been the beating heart of the team, helping the others as they have lost parts of themselves in helping Star(ling) City. I don’t think that she understands what the fire called Helix is.

The reveal of Prometheus was a little underwhelming. With Vigilante and he having a quick fight about who gets to kill Oliver Queen, it seemed weird him simply just taking off his mask and hood. Then saying “Adrian Chase” just in case you didn’t recognise him made it comical. All that was missing was a wink to camera.

I’m just wondering why the reveal was done now, rather than after he kidnapped Susan. Alright, I know that she isn’t officially kidnapped yet, but that confrontation wasn’t about going and having an interview over coffee and buns.

Curtis certainly had a mixed bag. He got his T-Spheres working (No, I’m not going there), but Paul wants a divorce. The way that it was not dinner, without any real chatting beforehand, and then Curtis just being super positive about dinner, pointed to it not going well. At least he has his balls to play with.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.


Quick Hits:

  • Dinah has quickly got herself on the Mayor’s protection detail. I suppose with their lack of medium term career advancement there was an opening or three.
  • Felicity suggests that it is Oliver who needs to fix things with Susan. Wait there a second, can you tell me again who ruined her life?
  • I have to say that the politicians in Star City are pretty quick. The Impeachment trail took what a day or two to get to the hearing.
  • Diggle asks Felicity how is she going to use the info in Pandora. Not very well, is the answer.
  • Now that we know who Prometheus is. Who is Vigilante? I had Adrian pegged as him, but not now.
  • I like the idea of being prescribed a friend. Can I choose my own at the Pharmacy?
  • The Bratva version of Impeachment seems to be slightly more severe as the Star City one.
  • Adrian was very suspicious in how he took that evidence from Dinah. He does have a pretty effective tracking tool though.
  • Wild Dog will no longer be making ball jokes to Curtis. He likes the T-Spheres.
  • All is right with Susan, and she agrees to keep Oliver’s secret. We’re kind of left hanging on the other stuff.
  • That restaurant that Curtis met Paul in looks suspiciously like Jitters.


And Finally…

Did you notice that outside of an appearance of the Hood in the flashback, there was no Arrow in this episode?