As David’s power continues to manifest itself, Sydney joins in on journey into his memories. David continues to have visions about his sister being questioned at Division 3.


David is one powerful man, as he now has the ability to both levitate and teleport, to go along with his telepathic and telekinetic powers. Normally, Melanie likes to be methodical with the memory work, but under the circumstances time isn’t on their side. However, David is such an individual case that Melanie is unsure if she has the capacity to teach him.

They key to unlocking David’s potential is probably Sydney. She is the one who brings him out of the childish nightmares that he was having while being tested by Kerry. She can also see the horrific underlay within his memories, something that neither Melanie nor Ptonomy cannot. This is probably a side effect of the soul swapping from the first chapter, and will help him get fixed.

We now know that the argument he had with his ex-girlfriend which lead to the telekinetic kitchen incident was caused because he was caught with Lenny taking drugs. We’re also starting to get the details of how he ended up at Clockworks. But, the most important thing is that his powers were there when he was a child. His sister, Amy, must have thought that there was something special about him.

There are also a number of hints that David is also someone important. Melanie thinks that he can be a great weapon that she can use against the Divisions. Then there is the quote that David is a god, but has been turned into a fool. That points to something bigger.

It is also interesting that when he speaks to Head Lenny it is within his mind as opposed to him talking to thin air. We know that he has problems differentiating between what is real and illusionary. So, how reliable a witness is he to even his own memories? And what are those memories within memories about?

The ending of the episode, with the three visitors being trapped with David’s memories build up the horror aspects of what is going on. Sydney and young David are chased by his nightmares, the boy from the book and the yellow eyed monster. While Melanie has her hand mangled by the storybook. Everything suggests that these are more than memories. A defence mechanism perhaps?


Quick Hits:

  • David ever having complete control of his powers is certainly a overstatement. I think in the long run it will be how sane can he stay.
  • It is interesting that David is the only one who can see the yellow eyed monster within his memories. Until Sydney can see the imperfections later.
  • David still remembers being Sydney and admitting to playing with things he really shouldn’t have. Sydney showed more restraint, so she said.
  • That was more a projection than true teleportation David did when they visited Division 3. However, the Eye (Walter) did eventually spot them.
  • Sydney and David finally touch properly. Unfortunately, she is only able to hug his younger self.
  • So, David did take Lenny’s advice and broke into his psychologist’s office to steal stuff. That explains the eating tape bit.
  • I know that Sydney can’t touch anyone, but why not hit them with a cushion when attempting to wake the others.


And Finally…

That crowd of people all shouting at David at the end. Does he collect an impression of everyone that he meets and then stores them in his mind?