Grodd arrives with his army on Earth-1 with the intention of destroying Central City. Barry faces a stark decision. Should he kill Grodd.


The solution to Barry’s dilemma was obvious when you started thinking about it. Grodd never wanted to attack Solovar directly, as he didn’t think he would win. Hence, the convoluted plan to get Barry to do it in the first place. We just had to be lucky that Solovar wasn’t part of the attack.

Barry isn’t Oliver, and his circumstances are certainly different from the Arrow. What makes Barry special, is that he cares for everyone, even those that he is up against. When they cross a line, he takes action, but until then he wants to turn them back. If he was to cross that line himself, it would destroy him as a person.

I do have to ask why he thought that Grodd could only be stopped by his death. I know that they mentioned that he would keep on coming if defeated, but would that really happen? If their plan was to imprison Grodd on Earth-1 and then send the rest of the army back, it would have worked the same way if Barry had been the one that beat Grodd. I suppose having Solovar around stops a rematch.

You have to give Harry some credit for being a manipulative so and so. Jesse immediately sees through it, as Wally is guilt tripped into suggestion that she not stay on Earth-1. Harry will do anything to keep her close, but haven’t we been there before. It isn’t as if they can’t visit often. Actually, they may be very busy soon.

Oh Cisco, you do have a thing for falling for the ones who are so far out of your league. I do like the bravado though, and I think that Gypsy does have a soft spot for him. I did find it odd that she didn’t take any responsibility for being the one who took the army to Earth-1. I hope that she comes back to show Cisco how to find someone, as she certainly has the affinity for it.


Quick Hits:

  • Happy Friends Day everyone. I would prefer a simple sugar ring donut over a love one.
  • Cisco isn’t so much in the friend zone, as having a three-bedroom house with a mortgage in it.
  • Let’s widen the scope of Cisco’s vibe. Sometime, I would like to see some limits to what people can do.
  • I wasn’t scared that Joe was actually going to get shot when he was controlled by Grodd. I thought he would have done something else.
  • Joe seems surprisingly fine with both magnets on his head, and Wally and Jesse living in his house.
  • Not too sure about the nuclear distraction. Seemed like filler. At least we got to see Barry speed typing. I would like to know how many words a minute.
  • Romantic Barry bookends the episode, and how will Iris answer?
  • It is also the last time that Wally goes out for a big belly burger. Worst happy meal toy ever.


And Finally…

Luke Starkiller! It seems that on Earth-19 George Lucas stuck with the original name for the hero of Star Wars. I wonder if they made the prequels there.