Supergirl intercepts a Cadmus shipment thinking that it is a weapon when in reality it is her adoptive father. Mon-El is suspicious that Jeremiah’s return is just too timely.


Some would say that Kara has one character flaw, she’s too trusting. Kara wants to see the best in everyone. Normally, this works and all is fluffy clouds, unicorns and ice cream. Sometimes, this comes to bite her back, and unfortunately this is one of those times.

Jeremiah Danvers is finally rescued from Cadmus after fourteen years of imprisonment. Back with his daughters, he wants to re-join the DEO and take the fight back to his capturers. This is a rouse, as he is there to steal a copy of the National Alien Registry. This, of course, leaves both Alex and Kara heartbroken.

I do have to question the decision to immediately give Jeremiah his old job back at the DEO. Don’t they have a HR department to do all of the checks first? I was also concerned that no one pulled him up that he broke into the main frame to look at some case files. I know that everyone was off their game, but this is a little silly.

There were two people who weren’t completely blinded by Jeremiah’s return. Mon-El and Eliza. It would have been easy for Eliza to just accept her husband back in her life. She realises that they have both changed, and wants to get to know him again. I wonder how she reacted to finding out about his betrayal.

Mon-El realises that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Right off the bat, he’s suspicious questioning even the intelligence which lead to Jeremiah’s return. No one wants to listen to him though. Even Kara, goes on the defensive because she wants this moment with her father, and Mon-El won’t listen to her.

Eventually Kara comes around to suspecting that something is off. One person that will never question her father is Alex. She followed him to the DEO and took on the responsibility of looking after her sister. She’s finding herself, and he is back meaning that everything is crazy happy. Even the small gesture of Jeremiah accepting Maggie as her girlfriend brightened Alex’s day. She’ll be more affected than anyone else.

The door has been slightly left ajar. I think that Jeremiah is sincere that he is doing this for Alex. There is this deal with Lillian Luthor which is probably the case.


Quick Hits:

  • The news report mentions the feminist superhero, and then Kara brings Mon-El flowers. How 21st
  • We know that Kara has broken four noses. How many hearts?
  • Did anyone really expect Mon-El to keep quiet for more than a few seconds?
  • That road that the Cadmus gang were driving on looked suspiciously like an old runway. Oh, and all three trucks flipping together…
  • A family dinner wouldn’t be a family dinner without one argument.
  • So Jeremiah knows who Mon-El really is. Time to tell his secret.
  • It does take J’onn a while to realise that he can’t read Jeremiah’s mind. He has more self-control than me.
  • Winn was a naughty boy and placed a tracker on Jeremiah. Good thing too.
  • Alex just can’t bring herself her father.
  • Both Danvers girls have someone to look after them. Maggie with Alex, and Kara with a listening Mon-El.
  • Nice bookend to the episode with Kara and Mon-El wanting to wake up with the other.


And Finally…

Mon-El and Kara have to report to HR to talk about their relationship as they are co-workers. I never knew that there was a HR department, neither did they.