Coulson arranges for Uncle Eli to be transferred into SHIELD’s custody, but when they get to the prison, Lucy is already there. Simmons helps the new director with an interview.


Lucy and her husband found the Darkhold when they were looking for shortcuts to help their scientific careers. The ghosting seems to have happened when things went wrong, and wasn’t their final goal. It appears that Lucy’s priorities are to get herself fixed, then finish the original work.

As Joe was quickly taken out of the equation, it made sense for Coulson to head back to their only lead, Eli. I suppose that with Eli being the last member of the original team still alive it would make some sense for Lucy to go find him. Remember, even if someone else opens the book and the text appears, she won’t be able to read any of it, so she needs someone who will be able to understand the contents.

Robbie’s connection to the Ghost Rider comes from the desire to get revenge on those who left his brother in a wheel chair. Coincidently, he comes across the last of the crew who did the attack, and lets him meet his maker, but not before being told that it was a hit. Why would anyone want to assassinate Robbie or his brother?

We do get to see Simmons getting her lie detector test, which she nearly fails. She’s saved by the director who needs her help with a television interview that he is about to take part in. We meet again the senator with the brother cocooned, and the director gets the better of her when he admits to being an Inhuman.

Daisy still has her death wish going on. I appreciate the whole thing about the Watch Dogs, but it is getting silly now. May have done the whole push everyone away bit first, but she simply hid behind paperwork, not locking herself in a dining room with a bunch of men who wanted to kill her. Daisy wants to run, but she really need to sort her head out or she won’t be seeing the end of the mission.


Quick Hits:

  • The Darkhold shares it’s secrets in the language of the reader. It seems that ghosts don’t have their own language.
  • It’s funny seeing Fitz trying to cosy up to Simmons while she is upset with him. You shouldn’t have kept a secret from her.
  • Coulson has his own shield. Probably seen it before, but still cool.
  • Mack takes Robbie for his ghostbusting abilities. That’s good considering he took out the other two, leaving Lucy on her own.
  • Daisy may have new gauntlets, but she cannot use her powers.
  • I suppose if you are looking for a bunch of hateful people who wouldn’t like people who are different, prison would be a good place to start. The Watch Dogs, bring all the scum together.
  • Humans First and the Inhuman war on humans. I don’t like where this is going.
  • Daisy doesn’t need her powers all of the time, she is using her May training.
  • First rule of rescuing\getting someone. Do not leave them alone. Things go wrong.
  • What did May see when she died? Coulson. How sweet.
  • The poor director of shield, first Simmons and now the Senator. He’s not having a good day.


And Finally…

Simmons no longer has to worry about being tested. I think that it is called blackmail.