Ed, Al and Winry arrive at the Mecca of automail, Rush Valley, where Ed’s pocket watch is stolen. Then during a storm, Winry helps the daughter of Mr Dominic give birth.


Winry is in freaky heaven throughout this episode. Firstly, it was just being in Rush Valley, then it was with examining Paninya’s legs, and then in her attempts at becoming Mr Dominic’s apprentice. This episode is for all of the engineers out there.

Winry does take centre stage this time around. Yes, everyone is looking at Ed’s automail, but it is the arm and leg that she produced. She’s the one to finally capture Paninya, and convinces her to go onto the straight and narrow. She takes charge during the birth, and she confronts Ed about the message contained within the pocket watch.

The Elric brothers have had Winry and her grandmother with them from the moment that their mother died, and after the attempt to bring her back. She watched and cried when they destroyed their home in an attempt to leave everything behind. But, why does she cry?

She cries in place of the boys, simply because Ed won’t and Al can’t. She has seen the hardships that they have endured and she is heartbroken for them. She has a choice to either stand back and watch, or go all in and help as much as she can.

Winry has taken to heart the conversation she had with Maes Hughes where he said that she is the sort of person that would do anything for Ed if he asked. She commits herself to learn as much as she can so that she can, so that she can help make Ed as strong as he can be.

I also liked when Ed sat down with Winry after the birth and finally talked to her. Not even Al knows about the inscription. Ed is physical embodiment of pure determination, and the message is a reminder of the mistake that he made and what he needs to do. Winry complained to Maes Hughes that Ed always kept her at arms length. Now, she is as close to Ed as she has ever been.


Quick Hits:

  • OK the canon in Paninya’s automail knee was pretty cool.
  • How can I put this politely? Ed you aren’t a pip squeak because of your automail.
  • Don’t forget 3-Oct-11. I’m guessing that it is the day that Al and Ed attempted to bring their mother back.
  • Ed thinks that then it really counts he can’t do anything. Sometimes it is better to let those who know more to take charge.
  • The worst time for Winry to mention that she has seen the message in Ed’s pocket watch is when he is carrying her and has only just joked that he would drop her. Guess what happened?
  • Dominic refuses to take an apprentice, but he can recommend Winry to another engineer. So she’ll be staying for a while.
  • Oh look, some wanted posters for Scar, Greed and Yoki. A little foreshadowing.


And Finally…

I love the complete freaking out everyone had about the birth. It was awesome.