Flynn saves the life of Jesse James and asks him to guide him to a house in the middle of Indian territory. Team Excellent Adventure get a local marshal to help them.


Everyone seems slightly off on this trip. Rufus is dealing with the fact that his girlfriend, Jiya, has begun training to replace him as pilot. Lucy forgot her sister’s birthday, and Wyatt confronted his wife’s murderer and is struggling with what he can do. All is not well on the lifeboat.

Jesse James isn’t into causes, after his side lost in the civil war, but he does like money so agrees to go with Flynn. Are we really sure that he needed Jesse James? Flynn does have an automatic rifle with him, and he didn’t Jesse for the return journey to his ship. Just asking.

There is the conversation about saying that you have a cause is just an excuse for the things that you do. One thing we don’t know yet, what is Rittenhouse’s plan, and what are they planning to do with a time machine?

But anyway, the reason that Flynn is running around is to recruit Emma, who was one of the original pilots. She knew what was going on with Rittenhouse and got out by stranding herself in the past. She knows more about what the grand plans are, and she is a willing volunteer.

So, the Lone Ranger is based on a black marshal, who lives up to his reputation. Wyatt is in a bad place and wants to stop Jesse James from hurting good people. To Bass, it isn’t about killing, but keeping to the law which may not be perfect, but what else is there? Jesse does die, but at the hands of Lucy. Meaning that all three members of Team Excellent Adventure have now killed.

I think that Wyatt realises that he isn’t as good a man as Bass. He wants revenge for his wife’s murder, and he has a time machine that he can use to correct things. He’s recruited Rufus to help steal the lifeboat, but they need to come up with a plan which doesn’t involve killing.

It seems that Mason has chosen his side. Rufus currently has some leverage as the only pilot they have, but it was never going to last. Even if Rittenhouse wasn’t a thing, you want to have some cover anyway if Rufus was unavailable. By choosing Jiya, Mason is causing the maximum amount of damage, as she’ll be dragged into this mess. Never mind, that in six months Rufus will be expendable.


Quick Hits:

  • I can’t think of anything Lucy has done specifically in the cause of getting her sister back. Now, she has forgotten Amy’s non-birthday. Bad sister!
  • Jesse James just walking up to those marshals and shooting them probably even scared Flynn.
  • It takes a guilt trip to convince Bass to help Team Excellent Adventure. I like though that him and Grant used normal methods to track Flynn.
  • I would have thought that Lucy would have ridden a horse before while wearing trousers.
  • Tech note number one. Software can’t decompile, as one compiled it can’t be undone. I would have believed them if it was hanging, or lagging.
  • Tech note number two. If you are creating a back door into a system, don’t have your progress bar saying that it is creating back door access.
  • Why was it so important to Mason that Jiya didn’t see the video logs? Knowing that Emma “died” reinforces that there is no room for error when piloting the lifeboat.
  • We’ve seen quite a bit of evil Mason in this one. Now he is threatening Jiya.
  • What is Lucy going to do with all that money?


And Finally…

I didn’t know that Tonto means fool in Spanish. That makes me a tonto.