Oliver Queen is not having a good day. China White, Cutter and Warner escape from prison, Susan confronts him about being the Green Arrow, and the cover up of Billy Malone’s death is leaked


This is the sort of episode where everything is put on deck. The returning villainess trio isn’t the main thrust, but is the catalyst for all sorts of stuff hitting fans. I know that we are reminded of those who suffer the sins of others, but this is more about those sins being public.

I suppose we should start with Oliver. The biggest problem out there is that the cover up after Billy’s death has been exposed. This is our first sin, Oliver’s for killing him. It doesn’t stop some questions from being asked though. What sort of contacts does Prometheus have? Who outside the team knew what really happened? If Prometheus was really warning Oliver off, why go public? That’s more the move of someone near the endgame.

The funny thing is how Oliver backed off, and decided that it should be left up to the police to capture the escapees. I think part of it is that he created he ACU, and would have been taken aback when they went after him. He is also reluctant to confront them, considering that he has already killed one of them.

I always thought that Susan Williams was more involved, she’s guessed Oliver’s identity a while back. It is interesting that she just went and asked him, and yes, the answer shocked me until he continued. What caused her to ask this now? Later she confronts Oliver with what she knows. No one may believe her now, but maybe they do if things get to impeachment.

For someone who ran a night club Thea is pretty good at the politics game. She may not admit to it, but she went about destroying Susan in the most humiliating way. She didn’t just take away the reporter’s credibility, but also her career. I actually thought that Oliver was going to ask for her reservation, rather than declaring that he is worried for Speedy.

Quentin is a convenient excuse for Warner’s turn back to the life of crime. If there is one lesson to learn from Quentin it is that you fall, you pick yourself up and start again. I don’t think that Liza ever wanted redemption for what she did, she wanted a reason to go back. It’s the weakest part of the storyline, as all he needs to do is brush it off and get on with his life. Which is what Quentin does.


Quick Hits:

  • The best way of dealing with a monster. Create your own. That seems to be the answer from Prometheus’ mother.
  • The Flash Back was Oliver planning on taking out Gregor before leaving Russia and heading back home. He didn’t need to do much planning.
  • Does Cutter keep a pile of her arrows laying around just in case she escapes prison. No need to be precious with them if you have a stash.
  • Tobias Church is the gift that keeps on giving. Need a quick plot, just mention his name, he doesn’t mind.
  • I didn’t know that Arrow had a TV in his suit.
  • Dinah is going to become the next Black Canary, and she even has Quentin’s blessing. Carry on in her place.
  • Nothing looks more dodgy to a police officer than having a bunch of higher ups try and talk you out of a case. There is no cover up here. Nothing to see people.
  • I liked the idea of the three way fight between our three escapees, Team Arrow, and henchmen 4 hire. A little disappointed though.
  • I knew that Pike was going to leave Team Arrow alone, but there was a part of me that wanted him to arrest everyone.


And Finally…

Mister Terrific is still getting beaten up at every opportunity. It doesn’t matter how much Kevlar he wears. Alright, it did take bother Warner and Cutter to take him down.