A bit like buses, the Legends get leads on two pieces of the spear of destiny. They aren’t in time when they travel to the year 3000, but can they find the piece in Camelot?


The 3000 portion of the story takes a couple of minutes, as it is really there to setup the concept that the JSA’s final mission is to protect the remaining pieces of the spear of destiny, and that they were scattered in time by Rip Hunter. Oh, and evil Rip isn’t a very nice person.

Star Girl, has a thing for King Arthur and the legend of Camelot. So, she has created for herself a stylised version of the legend. To help protect her piece of the spear of destiny. Fanboy Ray is completely into this, as it means much jousting, knighting, and meeting his hero Galahad. Unfortunately, as this is Legends of Tomorrow, things go wrong pretty quickly.

Damien Darhk may get to cosplay the Black Knight, but the real villain of the piece is Evil Rip. The use of the technology to allow him control King Arthur and his knights goes quite nicely with the 3000 visit. Sara’s role of showing the responsibilities of leadership are here again as she motivates Guinevere to fight for Camelot and not to give up on her husband.

I would have been sorely tempted to leave Fanboy Ray behind, who seems to be devolving before my very eyes. He’s always been enthusiastic, but his fanboying is getting on my nerves. Surprisingly, it’s Mick who stands up first for Haircut who defies Sara. A big fight happens, Camelot wins, and the Legends have themselves an evil Rip. Who was left behind by a retreating Black Knight.

Amaya does have a reason to be upset when she finds out about the death of Dr Midnight. However, she is very grumpy with Nate beforehand. I thought that she was the one who had the rule about no relations with teammates. If she didn’t realise it before, she should now, but the JSA is gone, and she will never be able to go back to her old life. It is interesting that Amaya is told by Star Girl that she has a new home now. Maybe it’s time to fit in.


Quick Hits:

  • As an historian, Nate doesn’t really like the future. He doesn’t like the uncertainty. Which is strange considering who he is rolling with.
  • It doesn’t matter how far into the future you go. Light switches will always be the same.
  • I haven’t got my handbook for villains around, but why give them an ultimatum. You’re in control, make them give you the spear and then leave. Keep it simple.
  • Why is it always dawn or noon?
  • Martin just happened to steal he same technology that Rip was using. How convenient. Mick is corrupting the team.
  • I liked the scenes with Martin and Mick. Every so often you are reminded of how big Martin’s ego is, and how brilliant Mick is.
  • I like Mick’s destiny, with him in control of an evil army. What could go wrong?
  • Dhark and Ray fighting in the snow, involving a sabre of light. Sometimes they just troll.
  • I bet you that Mick will never called Ray Sir Raymond of the Palms.
  • Sara, kissing her way through history. I suppose it is better than killing.


And Finally…

Really, Lance a lot, you are going to go there! I’m fine with the Elvis pun, and the sabre made of light (I too don’t want to be sued by the mouse). But Sara Lancealot, I’m ashamed that I didn’t see it coming.