Barry and the team are off to Earth 2 to save Harry, who has been captured by Grood. Jesse and Wally get to spend some quality time together.


Grood has not been a happy bunny since his exile to Earth 2. Yes, he is in a city of his own kind, but to him it is a different kind of prison. It’s a very elaborate plan that he has, first he needs to help him defeat the current leader, and then find a way to get everyone to Central City on Earth 1.

It may be a complicated plan, but it is an easy trap. I do have to question though how Grood knows so much. I feel sorry for Solovar as he is clearly overmatched by his replacement. Grood is even able to use Flash’s act of mercy as a carrion call that man will defeat the gorillas unless they attack first. We do need to find out why Gypsy was in Gorilla City, never mind Earth 2. And, was she there before Barry and the team?

There is more going on with Jesse than just dealing with her father being missing. Since she found out that Wally now has super speed she keeps her distance from him. It appears that it has been some time since they had been in contact with each other. They go on a mission together, and Jesse Quick notices that Kid Flash is happy with being a hero. She hasn’t seen him so complete.

As with any new relationship too much is read into the situation. Wally has been a bit of an idiot for not being in contact, but he has been really busy with his training. He cares deeply for her, and he even wants her to be in Earth 1 with him. She agrees, so Harry is going to be really pissed off when he recovers.

Talking of relationships, a moment please for Caitlin and Julian. Caitlin has already seen her greatest fear, knowing what she could do to her loved ones, and so tries to scare him off saying that he should be afraid. Julian on the other hand, has just jumped universes so that he could protect her. I have a really bad feeling about this. I think I know where the Killer is going to come from. And to whom.


Quick Hits:

  • Save Harry, Save Iris, isn’t much of a cry, but it is good enough.
  • Julian seemed fine with staying behind until he was told that Caitlin was going to Earth 2.
  • I didn’t take Julian for a cosplayer. All he needs is the bull whip.
  • Capturing Harry was just bait for Grood to get his hands on Barry. Grood needs Barry’s help to overthrow the current leader who wants to take the fight to the humans.
  • I need to say how awful the CGI was for the fight between Barry and Solovar. TV budget and all, couldn’t they have done better, or shorten the fight.
  • Plan A doesn’t work, so off to Plan B run away. We need more speed! Sorry wrong season.
  • Of course Grood double crossed them. It was when he promised to save Central City that I was concerned.
  • Harry is improving, knowing that Julian equals Indiana Jones.
  • Julian lives for danger & Caitlin, and not in that order.
  • Caitlin using a little bit of her power again to help Barry pretend to be dead.
  • Alright, if Barry is able to use his powers once out of the cell why can’t Cisco breach them back from the same place? Not that it made any difference.
  • Cisco is going to be really peeved when he finds out what happened.


And Finally…

Is HR the new and improved love doctor? Giving Jesse advice on following her heart and to have no regrets.