Kara gets an unwanted suitor in the form of Mxyzptlk an entity from the fifth dimension, and Mon-El is jealous. Winn is picked up at the bar.


I’m not 100% sure why Mxy (there is no way I’m continually going to write Mxyzptlk) was in love with Kara. I know that he wanted was for someone to love him, but why her? He noticed her when she was jumping between dimensions. So did he spot her and wait until she was about to start her own relationship, then jump in to cause havoc. He is a trickster after all, but would he really have that much patience.

Mon-El gets really jealous, really quickly, and thinks that his rival is a real threat. His default still is to be the alpha male, even though Kara is capable of handling the situation herself. I don’t think that he has quite grown out of the objectify women and not caring phase of his life. The duel was fun though, mainly for Mon-El just shooting Mxy before things technically started.

It’s Alex’s first Valentine’s Day in a relationship, and she wants to do all of the cheesy stuff. You can’t really blame her as you know that growing up in the Danvers house they would have come up with all sorts of rituals for the day. Her mother still sends her a card. Maggie on the other hand, is less enthusiastic, as it reminders her of how badly things went for her when she was outed.

There hasn’t been any push back to Alex’s realisation that she is gay. Think back to the non-event that was her introducing Maggie to the group as her girlfriend. We can all wish for this to be the case for everyone, but unfortunately life isn’t like that. Maggie’s story about her family is a reminder that being “different” can break relationships too. It also makes her vulnerable, with should make the relationship with Alex stronger.

Winn, I think, gets the most interesting storyline with the beginning of his relationship with Lyra. Let’s just say that Winn doesn’t have a physical presence, with him being the damsel in distress making sense. He also isn’t the one-night stand sort of guy, so it makes sense that Lyra and him agree to start dating. I think he likes her, if he’s not a little scared of her as well.

A question. Is their dinner the first time we see an alien, as an alien, in a human setting?


Quick Hits:

  • There is a Martian Valentine’s Day. These manufactured holidays get themselves everywhere.
  • Of course Winn would be learning about alien planets. Shame that Starhaven was blighted. Seems that Earth is the last refuge for everyone.
  • Alex is the one coming to Kara for relationship advice. You know that Kara is really into the cheesy.
  • Is it a bird. Is it a plane. No, it’s Super Mxy. Complete with a stylised M.
  • Mon-El does do one thing right, and that is tell Kara how to send Mxy away.
  • Taking Mxy to the Fortress of Solitude was a sound plan. With the way that she tricked him by playing by the rules, remind me never to play a boardgame with Kara.
  • Both Lyra and Winn are afraid of being hurt, so decide to take things slowly. Or not slowly.
  • Did you realise that Kara and Mon-El had their first argument before they kissed? Mon-El was an ass because of his male ego.


And Finally…

As she stops Mxy from shooting some robbers, one thanks her as she elbows him in the face. Always multitasking our Supergirl.