Melinda May is recovering at Radcliffe’s after her death experience and is being looked after his assistant Aida. Daisy and Simmons have a grand day out.


Give it up for Jemma Simmons everyone! She still exudes the slightly awkward science geek side, but underneath is quite the agent of SHIELD. We’ve seen it before, her infiltration of HYDRA, and her spending months on another planet. I just keep on forgetting, so am surprised when I see her pushy side come out.

It all starts with her looking at the perfect apartment for Fitz and herself. It seems too good to be true, and when that is the case I’m expecting a trap. It was, kind of, as Daisy is there waiting for her. SHIELD keep an updated record of the location of all registered Inhumans and the Watch Dogs are accessing it, Daisy would like her own access please.

It’s like old times with Daisy coming up with a plan to get her USB key inserted into the server, but in the new SHIELD, Simmons is the boss and just tells the agent to insert it as it contains some updated information. This leads them to a returning James (the Aussie Firestarter) who they think is the next target.

Little did they know that James is working with the Watch Dogs. He hates being an Inhuman (sometimes achieving your dreams isn’t a good thing), and wants them all dead. All that practising with the gun pays off and Simmons has become quite proficient with it. Not that it helps much, as it takes Ghost Rider to deal with James.

Coulson has always had this trusting side to him, so it makes sense that he offers to join forces with Robbie in getting to the bottom of the Ghost problem. Uncle Eli is able to give them some background information, and they are now all chasing after a book called the Darkhold. Coulson feels that they are all being driven together. At least Daisy is back with her “family”.

Meanwhile at Hospital Scotland, Aida is looking after May. It’s a risk, but Radcliffe wants to see how well Aida is acting as a human. May likes her, but let’s be honest robotic is May’s ideal, so someone who is on task and doesn’t waste words is perfect for her. There is a whole thing about the concept of white lies. Aida is programmed to always tell the truth and doesn’t understand subterfuge. You know that this is going to be important later.

There aren’t any suspicions of Aida being anything other than Radcliffe’s assistant. Except Simmons, who spots it immediately. That’s because Jemma is the best.


Quick Hits:

  • I know better, but for some reason I always thought that Fitz and Simmons were already living together before they became an item. Or maybe they just lived next door to each other.
  • Mack must be in his own personal hell. First, he can’t drive Lola, and then he isn’t allowed to touch Robbie’s car.
  • They give all Inhumans special watches that SHIELD can use to track them down. So, during the blackout why didn’t the Watch Dogs use this information to track Yo-Yo immediately last episode?
  • James, you know the guy who puts things on fire, is working in a fireworks shop. Sometimes, they do make it up.
  • Guess what? The Watch Dogs have been using James’ watch to track back to get information on the whereabouts of the Inhumans. So, they didn’t hack the servers.
  • Robbie now has his flaming chain.
  • Now that Daisy is back, kind of, will she have to be registered?


And Finally…

Simmons has her lie detector test tomorrow. Can we watch? It’s going to be fun.