Ed and Al decide that they need to go and visit their teacher. Winry wants them to take her to Rush Valley. Meanwhile, Mustang is getting himself ready for his transfer to Central.


It is easy to dismiss Maes Hughes as nothing more than a comic relief, with his death being not that important. It is very difficult to see past his OTT love for his wife and daughter, and that he seemingly tries to get out of work at every opportunity. He gets a raw deal in Brotherhood, as we don’t appreciate his relationship to others, especially Roy Mustang.

You don’t realise it until this episode, but Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes are best friends. Maes was working with Mustang in Roy’s quest to become Fuhrer and fix the problems of their country. The scene with Roy and Riza at the grave chokes me up every time. This loss will motivate Mustang for the remainder of the series as he tries to find out who murdered his best friend.

So, this brings us to the big question of the episode. Why was Maes Hughes murdered? We know that he had just figured something out when he went to archives room, but how did lust know that he had gone there? He couldn’t have been murdered because of what he had just figured out, so was it something to do with Bradley’s visit to Ed’s hospital room.

Whatever the reason, there is no way that the Homunculi could have dealt with him so quickly without the help of someone in the military. That’s why he couldn’t use the phone bank, and went to an outside phone. He didn’t want his conversation with Roy to be listened into.

As for his murder, his weakness has always been his family. There would have been nothing worse for him to be killed by someone who looked exactly like his wife. It simply paralysed him, unlike when he struck back at Lust. His last words are to apologise to his loved ones.

I think that the expression that we are looking for at the end of this episode is “This shit has just got real.”


Quick Hits:

  • We get a quick glimpse of Mustang fighting during the Ishvalan war. You can see the devastation of his alchemy as a weapon.
  • There seem to be quite a few clues for the Elrics, Hughes and Armstrong to look into. Things maybe falling into place.
  • Bradley is a weird one. Trolling them slightly then escaping out the window. But, he warns them off investigating further, but to prepare.
  • I can’t wait to meet teacher. Both Ed and Al are really afraid.
  • It seems that Liore has blown up big time.
  • Hughes immediately knows that it isn’t the real Ross because of the lack of mole. I told you that he was observant.
  • It is so much like Al that he has a book listing the things he wants to eat when he gets his body back.
  • The temptation to try human transmutation is there for all alchemists. Mustang understands why the boys tried to being their mother back.
  • “It’s a terrible day for rain.”
  • Are we sure that Armstrong didn’t mean to leave clues for Mustang to figure out what he didn’t say?


And Finally…

This is about when the original version of the anime branches off. Therefore, no more complaining about how the storylines feel rushed.