After capturing Lucy, Flynn takes her to the World’s Fair where he intends on taking out some members of Rittenhouse. Meanwhile, Wyatt and Rufus spend a night at The World’s Fair Hotel.


It feels a little convenient that for once Flynn cannot get himself close to his targets, and is dependent on Lucy to help him place his bomb. This allows Lucy to draft in the currently not that famous, Harry Houdini to help.

It’s a nice change to have a historical character being more focal in the episode, rather than being someone to observe. To Flynn, he’s a glorified lock pick, but he is precisely the right person to help Lucy escape. Oh and that flourish when Harry left Flynn with the police. A nice little touch.

While I was surprised that George was H H Holmes, it didn’t feel like a moment to me. Everything is resolved rather quickly, and I never felt that Lucy was in danger. I know that Lucy did her historical knowledge thing on him, but again it just felt rushed. There is a little satisfaction when Wyatt kills H H, knowing that all the later was going to do was send the families of his victims on a merry chase while they looked for closure.

When Flynn declares that he is now going to have to do it the hard way by taking out one Rittenhouse member at a time, I’m not too sure what to think. Now that Rittenhouse’s origins are exposed, there needs to be a reason for Team Excellent Adventure to be chasing after Flynn. However, it is very easy for the series to get into a cyclical rut. As the best part of the series hasn’t been the go back in time and stop Flynn bits, but the other things going on around them.


Quick Hits:

  • Rufus has finally figured out that Flynn is using the nuke as a battery, meaning that he has an advantage while the lifeboat is being recharged.
  • Flynn begins to realise that the Journal was wrong. To be honest, it’s never been that reliable.
  • Lucy has a geek out while being a volunteer for the Great Houdini.
  • Sophia the architect is another graduate of MIT, but Rufus claims to be the other black guy. That class reunion would be fun.
  • A secret passage behind a book case. Clichés have to come from somewhere.
  • It must be slightly embarrassing that Rufus and Wyatt are saved by the person that they were there to rescue.
  • It amuses H H to watch his victim’s fear, but how was he going to escape on his own when the air runs out?
  • Rufus is done with his recordings, and leaves a final message for Rittenhouse. His leverage is that he is the only pilot. What happens if they had another?
  • One thing about Flynn is that he is a man of his word. He tells Wyatt the name of the man who killed Wyatt’s wife.
  • Harry Houdini can’t help himself from stealing people’s guns.


And Finally…

As they can’t travel to somewhere they already exist, how exactly is Wyatt going to stop the man who murdered his wife?