There is a mass shooting at the mayor’s office, and the team are off to find the culprit. Rene and Curtis get into a discussion about gun control.


Gun control is a very polarising subject, and it would be easy to come down conclusively in one way or another. This episode attempts to straddle the fine line between both sides of the argument, maintaining that the most important aspect is that they talk about it. I will comment myself, but only within the context of the episode.

Rene says that if he had his gun, his wife would still be alive. However, as she was murdered by a shoot from her dealer as Rene was killing him, I’m not sure of his point. He had his gun when she died, but there was nothing he could do to save her. Wouldn’t killing her before Rene got his firearm fit in with his thoughts better?

This small glimpse into Rene’s life showed that he was trying to improve things for him and his family. Unfortunately, Laura, his wife, had started taking drugs, which lead to her untimely death. As Rene struggled to deal with the incident, his daughter, Zoe was taken away by child services. He had lost everything before becoming Wild Dog.

Even after this, Rene is a big proponent of guns, and the right to bear arms. He feels that people need to have the ability to defend themselves. This leads to him constantly bickering with Curtis who strongly believes in some sort of gun control. Neither was going to ever be able convince the other, and it shows the polarisation of both sides, as neither want to give an inch.

In the middle, is Mayor Queen. I deliberately use the prefix here as Oliver is in Mayor mode this time around (except for one scene where Prometheus has a cameo). This isn’t something that can be solved by the Arrow, but it is something that the Mayor can show leadership on. He fluffs his first attempt, but he tries again and gets somewhere.

You have to give Oliver some credit though, he’s beginning to settle into his role of Mayor. He goes after James, not as the Arrow but as the Mayor, and talks James down from killing anyone else at the hospital. Isn’t this his first major victory as Mayor?

I don’t think the bill at the end was meant to solve the issue one way or the other. It was there to have some tangible closure to the storyline, and to stop the conversation. But, as the council woman says, there is a political price for this. Are we going to head further towards political storylines?


Quick Hits:

  • Felicity has somehow found out about Prometheus’ mother, and is tracking her down. I wonder where she got that information from?
  • It’s good to see Thea back, and now the whole team is back together.
  • Rene is now the Deputy Mayor’s assistant. I hope that Rene knows how to type.
  • What is it with this show and people hard on themselves. In this episode, we have Quentin, Rene and Dinah doing this. I think they may need to have a support group.
  • Prometheus uses a more efficient weapon. That’s what he said.
  • A weapon registration wouldn’t have stopped James’ family from being killed because their murderer bought his gun legally. That kind of makes everything he did moot.
  • I wouldn’t be happy if I was that council woman. The Mayor promises to sit with her until they come up with something, but then devises a plan with one of his staffers and then hands it to me. Huh!


And Finally…

Dinah seems to be getting her life back together with the help of Diggle. She’s got herself a studio in a nice part of the city, and has got herself a job at SCPD. Arrow has his police contact back.