David is taken to Summerland where he begins to learn about his powers. Meanwhile his sister has been captured after trying to visit him at Clockworks.


It seems that David has changed from one institution to another. He has swapped group sessions, day rooms, and pills for memory work, talk work and MRI scans. Summerland is more Centre Parcs, all wood land and nature, and is better for him but, until he learns more about his powers he is still a danger to himself.

As David travels through his own memories, the timelines become hazy. It took me a while to remember that the MRI scanning was in the present. We also realise that there are a couple of things off with his memories. Parts of David’s memories are difficult to get to, and there are slight imperfections (like the time jump). Is he subconsciously putting up mental blocks, or is this something to do with his father?

We also get to see a little bit more development in the relationship between David and Sydney. After he was captured all she wanted was him back. Sydney also says that she felt overwhelmed by the voices, but also by the light, and she was sorry for killing Lenny. Touching is still off the table, which probably is a good thing.

So, the guy that was doing all of the whittling in the first episode goes by the name of The Eye. He works for Division Three, which is part of a governmental organisation which looks for those with powers and tries to either control them or kills them.

They’ve set a trap for David, after capturing his sister when she tries to visit David at the Clockworks mental institution. Like most heroes, David wants to go straight after her, but is talked out of it by Sydney. He needs to put the work in before going after his sister. This would be good, but it appears that The Eye has plans to keep himself busy while waiting.


Quick Hits:

  • We are told that man is beginning to evolve. Haven’t we been always evolving?
  • Before you can travel around in your memories you first have to accept that the memories are real.
  • I’m not surprised that we didn’t see his father’s face, but was there a reason for not getting a good look at David’s mother’s face.
  • David and Lenny were friends before they ended up in Clockworks. Why steal a cooker though?
  • We get a nice bit of backstory about Ptonomy and the difference between his father’s lack of memory and his own perfect one.
  • Remembering the stars in the sky goes well with the childhood lamp that he repaired after smashing. Probably a present from his father.
  • Moving the MRI machine into the forest was impressive, but where did everything else go from the room?


And Finally…

David is starting to read Sydney’s mind. That helps when they a romance of the mind.