After an incident in a mental hospital, one of the patients tells the story of what happened.


When I think about superhero origin stories, it is normally about an ordinary person who gains abilities and then learns to use those to become the best person that they can be. This is certainly not the case of David.

David was a bit of a trouble maker growing up, who had voices in his head. After a couple of incidents it was decided that he would be better suited to life in a mental institution. He is said to be suffering from delusions, especially about a devil with yellow eyes. In reality, his mental state is less an issue, but more about powers. He has telekinesis, and the voices in his head are probably more than just random things.

Oh, and everything is seen from his perspective. This makes the feel of everything going on feel really weird and trippy. Including, the dance number. Yes, there was a dance number.

There was something pretty direct in the relationship between David and Sydney. He was generally fine with her no touching policy, the reflective kiss was sweet. Even their sleeping arrangements were fine, in an over nervous teenager sort of way. David thought that it was just part of who she was, but Sydney knew better.

The body swapping angle within the story was underplayed, and it seemed that after leaving his body, David seemed to be finally calm. His powers seem to be linked to his body, while it would have been so much better seeing Sydney being overwhelmed by the voices in David’s head. Lenny puts it best when she said that it was like giving someone a bazooka. I’m guessing that Sydney’s swaps are temporary, but I have no idea why it was the body that switched back and not the minds.

I’m guessing that we are going to find out more about the government agency that was holding David, and what Division 1 is. It seemed that the security was quite over the top, but after seeing how easily those other powered people dealt with them, it will be bigger next time. I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going next.


Quick Hits:

  • How does that make you feel? After the fourth or fifth repetition, I’d be going insane myself.
  • So, what exactly is wrong with your happy place being an island on your own? You may need people to love, but sometimes you just need to be on your own.
  • The colour scheme suggests 1960s or 70s as did some of the technology. But the interrogator had a tablet, and the car looked modern. Again, is this something to do with seeing things from David’s perspective.
  • If I found myself suddenly in the body of a woman, I would probably do the same thing.
  • It was just Lenny’s luck that her door turned into a wall, as she was leaving it!
  • How did Ptonomy and Kerry get Sydney out of Clockworks without anyone noticing? Considering, that she was stuck in a room without a door.
  • There was something about David smashing the childhood lamp, and the attempt at putting it back together.
  • I’m with David’s sister at ensuring that there are no sharp objects around him.


And Finally…

Will head Lenny be a thing? I like how she was cool with being dead. It wasn’t as if she was dong anything else anyway.