Metallo helps Lillian Luthor escape during her trial. There is evidence to believe that Lena was an accomplice, but Kara is sceptical as she believes in her friend.


The case against Lena hinges on the fact that because she visited the prison to see her mother that there was an opportunity for her to also visit Metallo and give him some Kryptonite. Silly question, but wouldn’t she have been escorted while in the prison visiting? So they have known exactly where she had been. The Kryptonite also arrived in a package which, you know, should have been searched.

I know that this could be simply explained by having a Cadmus guard. However, considering how easy it was for both Metallo and The Guardian to break in, and for The Guardian to escape during a breakout while injured. I suppose I really want to say how useless the prison is in National City!

To everyone, it is easy to believe that Lena is working with her mother. Her own escape, added to the video evidence does point to her guilt. She doesn’t need the help of the confirmation bias of her surname, but it ensures that no one is going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Except for Kara.

One of Kara’s greatest abilities is that she sees the best in everyone. Even with the mounting evidence against her friend, she’s convinced that Lena is being framed. It’s a case of friendship over facts. But there is a contrast in her blind belief in Lena against how she has been treating both Winn and James after the revelation of their extra-curricular activities. Kara likes to protect people, but she isn’t sure what to think of those who can protect themselves.

But getting back to Lena. It’s difficult to believe anything that Lillian says to her, as she manipulates her daughter through offering her love. Lena’s DNA proves that she is the biological daughter of Lionel Luthor, but Lillian was certainly upset when Lena joined the family. I’m not convinced that Lillian was told to be hands off her daughter.

I appreciate that they did leave the door slightly open for turning Lena evil, but I like it that she has been able to stand up against her family history. Younger Lillian saying that her daughter could be a Luthor as Lena was learning chess from her brother points to something down the line. However, I’m with Kara on this one, until she turns I have to give her the benefit of the doubt. I know that this is going to bite me, but Supergirl is based on wholesale optimism.


Quick Hits:

  • Alex introduces Maggie to the group, which was a complete non-event.
  • Winn the pool hustler! Probably not a good career move.
  • The Luthor family do certain like their alliteration. Lionel, Lillian, Lex and Lena. Lena probably wouldn’t have been adopted if she was called Jane.
  • So Eve Tessmacher and Mon-El isn’t going to be a thing. Mainly as he spent the whole evening talking about Kara.
  • James is comparing Lex and Clark with Lena and herself. It makes sense, but Lena isn’t insane (yet).
  • You see that concrete block. It had it coming.
  • Did you know that Kara is a terrible back seat driver? The good news is that Winn is able to do his magic with the dodgy video.
  • Kara is on the I told you so tour, but Snapper quickly puts her back in her place by asking her to spell exclusive correctly this time.


And Finally…

Kara’s bad timing when it comes to love is cliché. She kisses James and he becomes a mindless zombie, and now when is about to kiss Mon-El, a new suitor appears. Can a girl catch a break?