Elena is off to Miami on a hen do when there is a power cut. An Inhuman resistance group takes responsibility and Phil, Mack and Fitz are sent to find out what is happening.


Agents of Shield isn’t a procedural, but I’ve always thought that the most interesting storylines where they just do things. Two of the three storylines here follow this “give problem, solve problem” formula, and it gives them the opportunity to tell a compelling story.

Power has been taken out in seven cities around the world. Phil, Mack and Fitz are sent to the first to figure out what is going on. The storyline itself is by the numbers, but it highlights the distrust between Inhumans and the man on the street. Even Yo-Yo is caught in the crossfire as she is abandoned by her friends when she admits to being one.

One of the problems of having a list of anything, is that if the wrong person gets that list, it is easy to cause mischief. The Watch Dogs seem to have some new powerful new friends, and they have now become global. The good news is that taking out seven cities in one go appears to the maximum they can do. The bad news is that they were able to cause chaos in seven cities. All they need to do is cause doubts in the minds of ordinary people, and Inhumans can never be trusted.

Gabe has his doubts about Inhumans, and when he figures out that Daisy is Quake he tells her to stay away from his brother. This ties in nicely with the main storyline, and it causes more doubts for Daisy. Her stated goal is to take out the Watch Dogs, but they are too big for one person to take out. No matter how big her mini-van is. Is it time for her to re-join the team?

And now for the science bit! I really liked that Simmons ended up going to Radcliffe to help May. With Fitz seemingly out in the field permanently these days it’s good to see her turning to someone else. Look, there was never any risk in anything happening to May even after Radcliffe announced that to save her they had to kill her temporarily. The on cue power outage added a touch of tension, but he did use Aida’s power supply to power up the paddles.

Note to self, an EMP will not work on Aida. You know, just in case.


Quick Hits:                                                                                            

  • Yo-Yo doesn’t do dresses, but everyone is more concerned about their blended drinks.
  • London seems to be everyone’s favourite non-American city to attack these days. I’m glad I moved out.
  • A piece of advice Fitz. Never say that it should be quick and easy. You’ll always get both wrong.
  • Are you really telling me that Robbie is the only person in LA who owns a car with no electronics?
  • Daisy exposes her nature in helping Robbie save his brother (and car). But I’m really worried about her arm.
  • I miss watching Yo-Yo disarm everyone in the room. An always simple and effective plan.
  • One good thing about Elena no longer being a bridesmaid. No dress! Look for the silver lining people.
  • Rudimentary science to the rescue? But doesn’t triangulation require more distance?
  • Fitz is almost becoming adequate at the fighting. Very scary.
  • Mack is angry at Yo-Yo. Is it time for there to be something between them?
  • All is right with the world. May is cranky!


And Finally…

SHIELD are back out in the light, a little bit early for the new director’s taste. He did get his big W though.