Ed is in hospital recovering from his injuries from the fifth laboratory. He calls Winry in the hope that she can come and fix his arm. Meanwhile, Al wonders if he is anything more than his brother’s toy.


Boys don’t talk seems to be the message of this episode. Al is twisted every way after his conversation with Barry the Chopper outside the fifth laboratory. After seeing another soul filled suit of armour, he is afraid that he will never be anything else. It doesn’t help matters that Ed had something that he wanted to tell his little brother. So of course, Al has added two and two together and made fifteen.

On the other hand, Ed is afraid that Al blames him for what he did to his sibling. Does Al resent him because he cannot eat, sleep, or physically feel anything. Both brothers are unsure, and everything explodes after nothing more than a simple comment.

It’s up to Winry to straighten Al out with some liberal use of her trusty spanner. It’s interesting to see her relationship with the boys. She herself says that she thinks of them has her brothers. However, she feels frustrated that they never talk to her.

I like the ongoing joke in this episode that everyone thinks that Winry is Ed’s girlfriend. Ed acts like your typical teenager overly denying everything, but in their scenes together there is certainly a bond there. It is interesting though that it was Al, not Ed, that won the fight to ask her out and then got shot down.

One final thing though, Winry is wrong though when she tells Al that all both brothers have is each other. As Maes Hughes says, she’ll be there for them when they need her.


Quick Hits:

  • Ross slaps Ed as part of the telling off for going to the fifth laboratory alone. Poor Brosh had to slap Al.
  • So it seems that Winry got away with the missing screw. There was no way that Ed was going to blame her.
  • Ed is still trying to fight against his greatest nemesis, milk. The argument gets so bad that Major Armstrong goes topless. Again…
  • Maes Hughes drags Winry off to his house and she gets an unexpected invite to Alicia’s third birthday party.
  • Do you think that Maes Hughes is over protective of his daughter? Wait until she is a teenager.
  • The boys reaffirm their commitment to fixing each other, and all it took as a fight. Oh, and Ed won for the first time. If only he could do the same to milk.


And Finally…

Scar is alive in a slum just outside East City. He has been having nightmares though of encountering Kimblee.