Lucy is invited to Agent Christopher’s for dinner. Flynn needs the help of Team Excellent Adventure in capturing Benedict Arnold and bringing him back to George Washington.

Do you think that this episode is about family?

For any parent, the worst thing that can happen is the loss of a child. Realising that you never had the child in the first place sounds like it should be worse. I can understand the sentiment that Agent Christopher is expressing, but I’m not sure how anyone could handle something that they don’t remember. Lucy still has all of her memories of her sister, so the loss is tangible. How can Lucy’s mother grieve for something that she never had?

I can understand why Agent Christopher gave Lucy the USB stick with memories of her family, but I would be reluctant to give it back if the worst ever happened. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Rittenhouse have figured out that the recordings being made by Rufus aren’t trustworthy, so Rufus is reminded of the Mason Industries incentive plan. Do as we say, or we will murder your family. Considering everything that happened in this episode, Rufus may be safer never going back.

That is because everyone is turning on Rittenhouse. The team have their suspicions, and Flynn knows exactly what would motivate each of the team. Once they find out that Rittenhouse is a man, they decide to kill him. They ultimately succeed, at the cost of quite a bit of damage to the timeline.

Normally, I’m not one for killing children, and Lucy does make a reasonable point that John is so far innocent, and cannot be executed because he wants to be like his father. Flynn has his opportunity, but doesn’t take it. So, it is safe to assume that the son will take his father’s place in Rittenhouse.

The most interesting thing about this episode was Flynn’s answer to what would happen if he was able to bring them back. He would go back to his family and would then walk away from them and never return. Flynn knows the monster that he has become in the pursuit of saving them, and it enough for him to simply know that they are safe. There is a certain sadness to his answer, which makes him more relatable, until he kidnaps Lucy.


Quick Hits:

  • Video games and Pizza, the stuff all romantic couples should be having.
  • Drunk Mason is no fun. If you don’t want to be a bad guy, don’t threaten people.
  • Flynn was in a very giving mood. He showed them the scroll, and even promised to tell Wyatt who killed his wife. He even gave Lucy some pages from her journal.
  • I’m still not convinced that Future Lucy’s journal is as good as Flynn thinks it is. Shouldn’t there be more hints as to what is happening considering she is living through it.
  • I found it interesting that Rittenhouse don’t seem to be playing with time. I was half expecting David to recognise 21st Century guns.
  • How to deal with spies, kill the men, and bed the women. It was really creepy when Lucy was asked if she had conceived yet.


And Finally…

I’m sorry but the chase scene when the team went running to the British was laughably bad. The Patriotic forces were running with them until they stopped to fire their rifles.