Gen Walker is off to Russia to sell a nuclear bomb, as Oliver and the team go after him. Quentin returns from rehab, and Rene helps him prepare for an interview with Susan Williams.


There is quite a bit of line crossing in this episode. Be it, Diggle in his attempts in getting information from a henchman, Felicity getting access to a phone network, Oliver trying to get help from Bratva, or even Rene in his attempt at getting Quentin prepared for his interview. I thought that the idea was for Oliver to be like other people, not everyone picking up hints and tips from the Arrow.

Oliver knows the sins that he has committed, and try as hard as he might, he simply cannot move on from them. Every so often he gets dragged back (this time into Bratva), just as he is about to leave it all behind, because sometimes that is the man that his city needs. He wants neither Diggle nor Felicity to follow in his wake, because he thinks they are better than him. They aren’t, but it appears that Felicity is going to continue down her path.

It’s to see Quentin again, and as he normally does he jumps in again with both feet. In an effort to stop an international incident, Rene is left to keep an eye on him. I suppose there is a burgeoning friendship starting between the two, and Rene’s story about Quentin giving him advice was a nice touch. Part of me doubts that it is true, but either way it’ll help with Quentin’s self-confidence.

That brings me nicely to another returning character, Susan Williams. It doesn’t take Sherlock to link Oliver and Green Arrow (shouldn’t that be the Hood) considering all of the photo’s her friend keeps on finding. I have no idea what her game is considering that she is now sleeping with Mayor Queen. I suppose that I am going to have to wait and see.

I’m not too bothered about Ragman leaving the group for a while. To be honest, Rory has been the least interesting of the new intake. Can you remember anything about him outside of Havenrock? It was clever that Rory’s last actions as Ragman was to stop Felicity from having to make the same choice she made a year ago. It’s time for Rory to go on a road trip and find a personality.


Quick Hits:

  • Thea is still on the missing list, as she is out of town when Quentin returns.
  • It’s good to see Anatoli still around and still having a soft spot for Oliver.
  • Flashbacks within Flashbacks. Too many of them will make my head hurt.
  • Note for future self, Felicity would make a good Femme Fatale. Curtis not so much.
  • Rene does a pretty good impersonation of a difficult Susan Williams. Like a reporter, he knew exactly what buttons to press to get Quentin to become uncomfortable.
  • If the new Black Canary doesn’t like brooding, she has certainly joined the wrong team.
  • You know if I was ever going to buy a stolen nuclear bomb. I would make sure that it was in the box before paying for it.


And Finally…

Curtis needs to learn that bad guys do not say sorry.