A turned Rip Hunter plans on getting his piece of the Spear of Destiny back. With Sarah out of commission, Jax is left in charge.


I’m a little confused about the main plotline of the episode. Rip Hunter kills George Washington which causes an aberration which gets the attention of the Legends. They go back to save him, but George Washington is now captured by the British and they save him from being hung which corrects the timeline. So, Evil Rip doesn’t kill Washington.

Sometimes time travel shows cause my head to hurt…

Anyway, let me tip my hat to Evil Rip who manages to steal the piece of the Spear of Destiny being kept by the Legends. Rip is a great opponent for the team as he recruited most of them and knows how to play their weaknesses. Him trying to take out Sara was clearly an attempt to decapitate the team, and how he tried to turn Jax by talking about his father. This one is clearly playing for keeps.

You’ll notice that Amaya and Nate were kept well clear of Evil Rip here. They are the wildcards, as he didn’t really spend that much time with the pair. Mind you, in this episode they had other things on their minds, as they practice two very different types of body on body contact. Amaya has this rule about team mates not getting involved, but when will she realise that Nate was being serious?

We’ve already seen Martin strike out as captain, so it was good to see Jax being put in charge by Sarah thanks to her incapacitation. His knowledge of the Waverider was a good counterpoint to Evil Rip, and it felt for a while that he was holding his own. If he had shot Evil Rip he would have certainly regretted it, so it was good that he was talked out of it.

One thing to note, is that I loved it when he went all Die Hard on the British soldiers. Douchebag indeed. It was also good to finally see him doing something. I think that he has been neglected as a character for a while, and maybe it is time for him to become the first officer.


Quick Hits:

  • This is two episodes in a row that I’ve mentioned the opening monologue. This week it was Mick who was as grumpy as expected. Brilliant!
  • Sometimes even Gideon gets in a mood.
  • Saving Rory is always implied. Since when?
  • You didn’t realise that Mick Rory is related to Hansel and Gretel, with his trail of trash.
  • Americans are misfits, fight dirty and never give up. Have there ever been truer words spoken?
  • I should have seen that Ray vs Rat was being setup from the beginning.
  • I’m assuming that Evil Rip was following Sara’s blood, not Jax’s. Add it to the list of confusing things in this episode.
  • George Washington thinks that Mick is the best of what America can be. Sometimes not being an American is a blessing.
  • At least George Washington got a hug.


And Finally…

This episode’s MVP was certainly Mick, who now has himself a statue in Washington DC.