There is a meta-human running around killing people that were cops in Flashpoint. Meanwhile, Wally is having a problem finding the right vibe.


I’m going to start today by talking about how all over the place Iris is at the moment. She’s gone from being from being too reckless to being afraid of what could happen to her. It would be easy to dismiss this as an inconsistency on the character, but it is truer to what the she is going through.

She’s been given a best before date and at first it is easy to dismiss everything happening around her, but at some point the reality of what could happen dawns on her, and it becomes very real. Iris’ insistence that her father shouldn’t be told was a mistake, and in her panic she finally tells him. Even the reveal was well played, simply because Iris realised that lying by omission was too much for her.

As far as secrets being found out goes it was fairly uneventful. Of course Joe was going to be all in on saving his daughter, and they have always worked best as a team.

Alas per Julian, he annoyed me so much. So, Caitlin and he have gone out for a drink. It was fun watching Caitlin getting really annoyed with Julian when they were in the lab together, and she can get on with anybody. However, does he know anything about what has happened to Caitlin’s previous boyfriends?

There was also a good counterpoint in Julian being annoyed that Clive was a meta he created, and then talking Caitlin down from going all Frosty. He hasn’t let go of his time as Alchemy, and he still blames himself for the harm that it has caused. This will undoubtedly be his undoing, because I can’t see him lasting the season.

When someone explains to me that you have to find it inside yourself, I really want to punch them. I felt exactly this when Barry is attempting to teach Wally how to phase through an object. Good teachers find multiple ways of explaining things to their students. Wally should also be allowed to make mistakes. Yes, he was wrong attempting to save Iris on his own, but he can only learn by doing things.


Quick Hits:

  • There would be no way that Al Capone would have become Vice President. He wouldn’t have been anyone’s second fiddle. President or nothing.
  • It was funny that Joe was asked twice to choose between his two sons, Flash and Kid Flash. He’s never going to tell.
  • It has been a while since Flashpoint has been a thing, so it was nice to see that it is still in the background. Even, after it is dropped from the opening monologue.
  • It was good to see Clive actually hold something without it disintegrating. That would be my issue with any superpower that involved touch. How to turn it off.
  • Oh look, the antidote to Iris’ decomposition was off screen. And now for skipping the science bit.
  • Can anyone tell us where we are going next episode? Hello Jessie Quick!


And Finally…

It wouldn’t have made a difference with Clive, but the door to Iris and Barry’s flat now has extra locks. The Star Labs ones aren’t that good.