It’s Kara’s Earth birthday, but Alex is standing her up to go out with Maggie. M’gann’s mate arrives to take her back to the White Martians.


Well, that got dealt with pretty quick. One minute M’gann is being kept at the DEO’s pleasure, then she is back at the bar, and now she is back off to Mars. Girl can’t stay in one place for any length of time. I do have one question though, why did it take so long for the White Martians to find her if she was such a high priority?

As not-husband pointed out, we are talking a few hundred years. Mind you, they’ve pretty much left J’onn Jones alone for just as long. Talking of J’onn, it must be tough being him at the moment. He admits to a woman that he cares for her and she flees to another planet. He wasn’t very good at being subtle in protecting M’gann and then he can’t even read people’s minds when they looked for the phony.

It made sense there being two White Martians at the base, but how did they grab Alex\Winn so quickly? The second kidnapping must have happened when the lights went out when M’gann 2 and J’onn were fighting. So, the whole process took place in a matter of seconds.

Moving on quickly, I liked the idea of Kara having a heart to heart to Alex 2, but it was certainly clean that Alex remembered their conversation. There has been an undertone of people moving away from Kara this season. Cat is gone, Winn and James have their extracurricular activities, and now Alex has Maggie.

I’m not saying that Kara has been abandoned (except for by Cat), but she isn’t the main focus for everyone now. It is natural that Kara feels the same pangs that Alex does as they spend slightly less time together. Mind you, I liked the idea better of Alex not knowing about the conversation.

As for Kara and Mon-El, that is getting very complicated very quickly. I think I missed it when Kara had put herself out there in the past. As far as I can remember anyone who likes her end up in the friend zone (see Winn and James). She’s the one who told him that he isn’t her type, so even if it was shockingly quick Mon-El has moved on. You do know that he’ll be moving back. Right.

If things don’t work out for Kara she can always phone Mick on Legends of Tomorrow. He did tell her to call him.


Quick Hits:

  • Of course Kara’s Earth birthday would involve cupcakes.
  • Without looking, name me a song other than One Week by the Bare Naked Ladies?
  • Mon-El is now on the club soda too.
  • Did J’onn really have to remind them that Martians can read minds when they know that he can read theirs.
  • Whose idea was it to use a nuclear reactor to run the power for the DEO base? When it is in the middle of a city.
  • J’onn is being mind blocked, and now Kara says that the walls are lined with lead. I smell convenient plot excuses.
  • Winn saving things with twelve seconds to spare seemed anti-climactic. What happened to the good old days of the day being saved with two seconds to spare.
  • Kara asks Winn to be careful rather than objects to going out on patrol with James. Maybe she is improving.


And Finally…

Did Alex say to anyone that she really likes her new gun? I suppose that the White Martian dropped it somewhere easy for her to find it.