Coulson’s meeting with the new director is delayed, and then he is given a special assignment. Daisy tries to connect with Robbie. While everyone seems to be going off to Pasadena.


As the title of the episode refers to the new director of SHIELD I think we should start there.

SHIELD has been in the shadows for the last two years, and publicly they have been the enemy since Winter Soldier. Therefore, SHIELD needs a public rehabilitation as part of its rebirth as an legitimate organisation. Jeffrey is an inhuman, but he is more of a PR man than administrator. It doesn’t mean though that he is nothing more than optics and empty words.

Underneath the laid back, relaxed and self-aware Director there is something dangerous. Not in the he’s going to go rogue and betray everyone sort of way, but more that SHIELD could fall apart again if no one trusts each other. There certainly seems to be sense of paranoia around. Did you see the poster saying “Suspect It, Report It”? Jeffery cannot trust Coulson because of the latter’s relationship with his old team. Which may not be the best thing.

This conversation between Coulson and the new boss takes place after May is restrained after succumbing to the effects of the ghosting she received in the previous episode. Being ghosted seems to be a long term problem, and it will be interesting to see how it fits in with the ghost part of the storyline.

Alright, I know that they aren’t ghosts, but a team of people that are now out of phase, but that is the phase I’m using. It seems that the boxes were cells containing a bunch of scientists who are now ghosted, and this happened quite a while ago. I think there were two boxes left unopened, and even though they can phase out, they can be killed by Ghost Rider. Oh, and why did he take the group picture from Momentum (the reactor)?

Was the whole let’s go and visit Robbie at work, push all his buttons and watch him explode the best plan that Daisy could come up with. She certainly seems to have a death wish. It makes sense if they were working on the same thing, but I doubt very much that they are. Daisy is all about protecting Inhumans, meanwhile Robbie seems to be involved with this whole ghost storyline. I suppose that they are working together for now.


Quick Hits:

  • Simmons’ distain at the possibility of the ghosts being real ghosts is perfect.
  • The new director is alright with the off book mission to try and get Daisy back. Coulson impressed him.
  • Mack has been skyping Yo-Yo. Their next conversation is going to be fun after he finds out that she has been helping Daisy.
  • Coulson the tour guide.
  • All Mack wants to do is go somewhere that is well lit.
  • And where people don’t disappear. He hates people who disappear.
  • So even Daisy admits that Robbie isn’t an inhuman. Does that make him possessed?
  • For someone who is a powered person that people can trust. The new director isn’t that trusting. Isn’t that ironic?


And Finally…

Don’t hurt May as she is sick. It’s not as if they could hurt her when she was well. It should have been more, May please don’t hurt me.