Lucy and Wyatt get to spend some quality time with Bonnie and Clyde. Meanwhile Agent Christopher starts digging into Rittenhouse.


I found the B storyline of Agent Christopher getting her first hints about Rittenhouse to be more interesting than this episode’s trip into the past. Up until now, Agent Christopher has been in the dark about the bigger picture. She’s never trusted Mason, and she has suspected his links to Rittenhouse. She even has pictures of Mason meeting Lucy’s father.

It is finally Rufus who explains (off screen) everything that the team knows about Rittenhouse. When they discussed it earlier, he was the one most adamant that she shouldn’t be told yet, so it is ironic that he is the one to talk. The funny thing is that for now Agent Christopher is probably in the best place to investigate. The question is however, how long until Rittenhouse reacts?

The whole thing with Bonnie and Clyde and Wyatt and Lucy was alright. It wasn’t that well setup, and the best part was when Wyatt talked about how he asked his wife to marry him. I would have liked to seen more of Clyde being suspicious of the pair. Especially, when he woke up to see Wyatt with a knife to his better half’s chest.

I don’t know if it was because that it wasn’t about ensuring that an event happens, but I felt that the mission was very much by the numbers. From the moment that Rufus was left behind that there were no stakes in anything that had happened. Even Flynn’s attempt at getting Rufus arrested, felt like filler.

This episode was all about a race to get the key and for once Team Excellent Adventure fail in their mission, as Flynn gets his grubby little hands on it. He ends up using it to open a clock, and inside there is a note. I wonder when we are going to learn it’s contents.


Quick Hits:

  • The whole plan of let’s get the key because Flynn wants it wasn’t the strongest, and when Bonnie said they knew nothing specific about it I lost interest.
  • I did like Lucy’s gangster accent, Wyatt needs to work a bit more on his.
  • You can’t forge a stamp! Do you think that Flynn really wanted to hit the cop at that point?
  • Can we give that save to Wesley Snipes?
  • Lucy forgot to take off her ring, so the assumption is that she and Wyatt are engaged. If only he wasn’t pining after his dead wife.
  • The key belonged to Henry Ford. Is it time yet for the team could go off on their own to investigate rather than chasing Flynn.
  • The key is the beginning of all time, and the key is the end of all time. Whatever that means.
  • I’m not convinced why the ambush got moved. It wasn’t as if Flynn dictated an earlier move against Bonnie & Clyde.
  • Rufus did try and warn Agent Christopher about what Rittenhouse could do. Of course, she wasn’t going to back down.


And Finally…

Lucy’s date with Noah was pretty bad. I think she should do, what the writers have done for the last Six episodes. Completely forget about it.