Renee, Curtis, and Oliver are off Hub City in an attempt to find the new and improved Laurel. Felicity gets some unexpected help when she has trouble finding evidence to help John.


The flashbacks are at their best when they parallel with the story in the present. We get a pretty good example of this here as Oliver’s attempt to recruit Tina marries nicely to his foray with Talia Al Ghul.

The speed that they find Tina is impressively quick, but it isn’t really surprising that the first meeting doesn’t go that well. Tina is in the same place that Oliver was right at the beginning, but rather than having a book of names, she has only one. She rejects Oliver’s help, because vengeance is hers alone.

Helping a person in a dark place is as much about timing as it is being able to do something. It isn’t until she kills Sonos that she realises that all these killings bring no closure. That allows her to go to Star City, meet the Mayor and ask to join the team.

One thing that must be noted here is that Oliver actually opened up. His approach not at the vigilante Arrow but as himself got Tina to join forces with him to take down Sonos. Has Oliver turned a new leaf?

There is even a link back to Tobias Church who must have left a pretty big power vacuum after his death.

I’m going to say that I don’t trust Talia, even with her British accent. She wants to help Oliver, and helps him deal a blow to the Russians. It seems that she is going to be Oliver’s last mentor, and she wants him to use his father’s book. What does she want?

It was pretty cool seeing Oliver in The Hood costume. Hello old friend!

Felicity is my favourite tech support person, and it is fun seeing her enjoy herself going back to the good old days of hacking. Even though she strikes out with the NSA she still manages to get the information needed to help John. This is thanks to the help of her number one fan club, the Helix activist group. She is now being tempted into the darkside of Hackivistism.


Quick Hits:

  • Yes, replacing Laurel would be impossible, it is as Oliver kept on saying about continuing her legacy. Does Oliver ever listen to himself?
  • Rene is the burger king.
  • I like the concept that everyone on Team Arrow is having a second chance. I would certainly even include Felicity and Diggle in that.
  • Ghost Fox Goddess, seems to fit present Felicity better than Goth Felicity.
  • The hacker Felicity met IRL! Isn’t she Felicity Jnr?
  • If you are going to give a speech about not murdering someone, don’t blow up a helicopter and kill a bunch of henchmen in the minute leasing up to your speech.
  • Felicity doesn’t tell Oliver about Helix. It’s about time she has her own secrets.
  • So we have our replacement Black Canary, let’s see how long she lasts.


And Finally…

So, Tina’s real name is Dinah Drake. Really! If you didn’t believe in coincidences before, then have you ever watched this show.