Darhk and Merlyn attempt to break into a safety deposit box owned by Rip Hunter. Meanwhile Martin turns to an old (new) acquaintance to help unlock the compass.


When I heard the first words of the opening monologue and realised that it was Damien Darhk speaking, my ears pricked up thinking that we were going to get something completely different. We then got a slightly different title card, and I knew we were going to get something different.

There is a contrast in styles between Merlyn and Darhk. You see this in the two attempts at getting into the bank vault. Merlyn tries deception, while Darhk goes with killing everything that moves. This leads to constant bickering, and I love how both characters seem to enjoy bouncing off one another. It all leads to a showdown, and it is left to Not-Rip to point out that they are being played by Reverse Flash.

Why would Thawne even need them anyway? And that is the crux of the episode, as we find out that he is constantly being chased by something stronger than a Time Wraith, Black Flash. We now know the motivations of all three for changing reality and they agree to work as a team of equals. This can’t be good for the Legends.

While the Legends were trying to figure the identity of the speedster, I kept on asking the question “Have they asked Barry?” The explanation came later that thy had checked with The Flash and all of the speedsters were either dead or good. Uh! What about the one Barry has held hostage for a while, and you know let escape. Fortunately, the penny dropped with Martin at the convenient time, and now they know about Eobard Thawne.

Martin had a busy episode as he also had to deal with his daughter finding out that she is a time aberration, and that in the original timeline Clarissa and he didn’t want to have children. I think that every child at some stage thinks that they were never wanted, but it is on whole other level when you realise that your parents never had you (kinda).

I appreciate that Martin is still relatively new to this whole parenting malarkey, but saying that you don’t need to tell your daughter how you feel about her isn’t smart. Especially when she’s just been told that she is a mistake. They are able to patch things up when Martin does tell her how important she is to him, but she doesn’t believe anything about Firestorm.

You can’t have everything.


Quick Hits:

  • Part of me wishes that they went the whole way with the title card, and replaced Legends of Tomorrow with Legion of Doom. I would have gone nuts.
  • I can go with the Legends being idiots.
  • On Arrow all henchmen ending up dead would be true. Legends of tomorrow is a different kettle of fish.
  • Going back to idiots point. You do realise that Lily opens up the compass in a matter of seconds.
  • Are the real idiots Merlyn and Darhk? Thawne are playing them that way until Not-Rip points this out to them.
  • I know that time means something different to a speedster, but Not-Rip times his escape really badly.
  • Thawne makes some modifications to Rip’s memories before uploading them. This isn’t going be good.
  • The episode ends with Rip shooting George Washington. See my previous point.


And Finally…

I will end today with a quote from the great philosopher Mick Rory “I like beer, it gets me drunk.” No comment needed.